A fresh start!

It’s 2009, and I’m ready to make a fresh start and finally get things done! I’m a terrible procrastinator (married to another terrible procrastinator), but I’ve got a load of things to get done this year. I’m hoping that this blog will keep me accountable and will give me an outlet for occasional musings and photos, too.

Today’s get ’er done menu:
• Pick out and upload four photos to our neighborhood’s newsletter (I take action photos for my son’s middle school’s yearbook).
• One load of laundry
• Minimal shopping (got to buy the Mister cornflakes, which I forgot to buy at Walmart yesterday, even though it was on my iPhone list, which I even looked at when I was in the store . . . d’oh!)
• Watch or dvr “Oprah” (Best Life Week! Who doesn’t want that?!?)
• Plan the week’s meals (my weakness)

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