I’ll finally have a clean house today!

But, unfortunately, not a decluttered house. Elvia, my cleaning lady of several years, is finally coming this afternoon after four LOOOONG weeks (she usually comes every other Thursday). It usually looks like a mini tornado has struck our house, but after four weeks that included two with the boys home on winter break, a veritable hurricane seems to have consumed several rooms!

So how did I do yesterday?
• I filled the soap dispenser, so clean hands are back in style in the half bath.
• Made it to Sam’s Club and Walmart and remembered to buy everything on my list. And I also remembered to ask the cashier about Walmart’s return policy (after seeing that the line for customer service was very long; the holiday returns must last for at least a month). She said that they’ll scan the CD and if it shows up in their current inventory, #1 son will be given a gift card for the price that shows up. That’ll be another get ’er done project in the near future!
• I continued my excavation of the master bedroom, but I didn’t put in enough hours. I need better focus! I’ve decided that I’ll try to get rid of the entertainment center and clutter by the next time Elvia comes (in two weeks).

On today’s get ’er done menu:
• Fill pool with water (with no rain, it gets too low).
• One load of laundry.
• Run the dishwasher and empty it.
• Get ready for Elvia (the biggest task of the day!). Got a lot of shredding to do!!

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