Daily Archives: January 19, 2009

What a bummer!


So much for worrying about my knee during the Aramco Half-Marathon . . . I didn’t even get to the starting line! As I had feared, the guys’ stomach flu hit me but good early Sunday morning (after the Mister got better, #2 son was sick Friday into Saturday, and then #1 son, who believes no one has every been as sick as he is, got it Saturday). When I should’ve been getting ready to leave the house, I was voiding the contents of my stomach and feeling feverish. It’s hard enough to finish 13.1 miles when healthy; it’s absolute folly to run when you might throw up along the way. So I was asleep when the race started, but I got up in time to watch Ethopians win the women’s and men’s races, setting new course records.

All my friends did well in the races, so I’m happy for them. Janet ran well for 19 miles, but her injury time off probably made her hit the wall after that. She did finish in 4:09, a time I would just about kill for. My friend Tricia ran the half with her 16-year-old daughter Allison. This was Allison’s first half; her long run preparation? A six-miler! If I had only run a six-miler before a half, I’d probably be lucky to finish in the four-hour time limit. But Allison is young and a soccer player. She and her mom crossed the line in 2:27. Allison was lucky she got to run with her mom, who is a talented athlete, and Tricia was lucky she got to run with her baby girl.

My friend Bonnie not only broke five hours once again for the marathon (4:53), but her daughter Lacy reached her goal of breaking five hours for the first time (4:55)! Steve had wanted to break four hours and logged a 3:53. Dr. Nina ran a 4:19.

The good news is that I’m feeling much better today, which is a good thing, because when mom is sick, the house looks like a bomb went off in it. Nothing seems to get done if I’m not leading the way. The boys would like to enjoy their MLK day off, but there are things to get done. So here’s today’s get ’er done menu:

• Go through both boys’ binders. The semester has ended, so binders need to be cleaned out, with necessary papers kept in manilla folders. #2 son is getting a new science binder and a new Spanish spiral notebook (his first semester’s spiral looks like rats ate it!). #1 son had one class that was only one semester (Sports Marketing), so he needs to switch that binder and ready it for Communications Applications (a required course).


• The biggie: #2 son’s National History Day slideshow. Somehow he lost part of his notes about Hernando Cortés (his subject), so he needs to finish his research and update his slideshow. Methinks we’ll still be working on this tomorrow evening to get it done by Wednesday. It didn’t help that both of us were sick this weekend and could hardly work on it.

• Getting organized for Tuesday’s return to school.

• No relapses for anyone!!!