Daily Archives: January 23, 2009



Finally made it to my favorite day of the week! I might even be able to extend the euphoria a day, because all three of my guys will be gone most of tomorrow—they have a disc golf tournament in Bryan. Yep, even #1 son who rarely plays. Normally, I would go, too, but the Mister has promised rides to three other players and one dog, so his Honda Odyssey will be mighty full. 


Last night I tried to pull a fast one over on the guys. I’m vegan (I eat no animal products, so no meat, fish, or dairy), and I wanted to try a Tofurky roast. And I didn’t want to make two meals. So I tried to pass the Tofurky off as regular roast to see what would happen. I figured the boys would just eat it, because they put barbecue sauce on almost everything they eat (reminiscent of my childhood when I put ketchup on everything). I added bowls of white rice for the boys (they could live on that stuff) and leftover mashed potatoes for #2, who could eat that every day. The mashed potatoes also were vegan . . . I used Ore-Ida’s Steam ’n Mash Cut Russet Potatoes with Smart Balance (vegan variety) and vanilla soymilk. They taste different, but #2 still eats them. And they’re so much healthier than the ready-made, microwavable mashed potatoes. Most importantly, they’re soooo easy to make!

But I digress; back to the tofurky. With the vegan gravy that it comes with and especially the vegan stuffing, I thought it tasted pretty good. I’m not a big fan of fake meats (fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts float my boat), but I do like tofu. The roast has an odd texture, but it was fine for a meal or two. The boys ate the small portions I gave them, with #2 even asking for more. After he found out he had asked for seconds for tofu (perish the thought!), he claimed he just liked the barbecue sauce he smothered it in.

As for the Mister, he didn’t trust it right from the start; I think he saw me tasting it, which blew its vegan cover (darn it!). He did try a bite or two and then stepped away from the tofu. Fortunately, our next-door neighbors came to the rescue with a yummy meal of bass (which the Mister had caught months ago and given them) and cornbread, so he didn’t have to starve.

I was ready for the cleaning crew well in advance yesterday, and I culled my basketball photos, copied them to the hard drive, and converted raw to jpg. But I didn’t get any further. So today’s get ’er done menu is:

• Write an article about our neighborhood for our master-planned community’s monthly updates and e-mail to the association office by noon.

• Photoshop the yearbook candidate photos from Tuesday. Gather the best photos from the girls’ and boys’ basketball season, burn them to a CD, and drop them off at the middle school.

• Help sell candy after school at the middle school. Usually #1 son helps the PTO with the Friday candy sales (an easy fundraiser; we’re absolutely mobbed by these kids who need a sugar fix after seven long hours hitting the books), but he’s started guitar lessons and right now they’re scheduled for about the same time. He’s ecstatic, because he hates dealing with all those grubby hands grabbing at the candy.


• Look forward to dinner at Pei-Wei, which is our Friday night tradition. Love their tofu and veggies!