Will the entertainment center PLEASE leave the bedroom!


We’re finally closing in on saying a not-so-fond farewell to the entertainment center. Someone has indicated interest in it on Freecycle. It’s devoid of  excess baggage (e.g., boxes and papers) and ready to rock and roll into someone’s truck.

Of course, when I updated the Mister on the entertainment center’s status, he said, “But I might want to take it to work!”

An entertainment center? At work?!? Why? It’s 60″ wide by 68″ tall!

“Maybe we should put it in the garage to hold discs.”

An entertainment center? In the garage?!?  

Do you see why I’m having trouble getting rid of things? And let’s not forget that this particular piece of furniture is in the bedroom (where it clearly doesn’t belong) in the first place, because he put it there after we got the new big-screen HDTV and tv stand in the family room. Why I allowed it, I’ll never know. Remind me one of these days to spin the yarn about the gigantic train set he put in the dining room before we bought dining room furniture; that’s a classic tale of our sometime marital miscommunication.

But I digress. I did some good work in the master bedroom yesterday. It was fun and a bit embarrassing to go through a couple boxes filled with #1 son’s first- and second-grade artifacts and #2 son’s preschool paraphernalia, circa 1998-2000. I kept maybe 5% of what I looked through and chucked the rest into the recycling bin, reducing two corrugated boxes to one much-smaller plastic bin. One classic paper I found was neatly printed by #1’s best friend; he was apologizing for teaching Jake a bad word in first grade. It was the f-word. The best friend has an older brother, and that’s how it is with those older siblings sometimes. I’ve learned that with #2.

Bowled Over

Today is Kitchen Wednesday. It doesn’t look like I have a lot of mail to go through and sort or shred, but there’s always languishing paperwork and the dreaded storage container cabinet (or as the Mister says with venom dripping from his tones, “I hate this cabinet! Find me something to put my leftovers in!”). I’ve been looking for better ways to store the containers rather than my not-working toss-it-in-willy-nilly system. My friend Lana said she stores containers and their tops by shape. Anyone else have any great ideas? I know that first I need to make sure that I have a lid for every bowl, but what happens next? 

1147-wrecked-bowlHere is one bowl and lid that I won’t be worrying about storing. I found out first hand what happens if you put the lid too tightly on a bowl you microwave . . . it distorts the bowl, and it takes 15 minutes to take off the lid. After you’re done eating the soup, you throw the bowl and lid away! Fortunately, the soup was delicious; the bowl merely another casualty of my ineptness in the kitchen.

Get ’er dones

I’m going to be back in the master bedroom today going through boxes after I get done with my 30-60 minutes in the kitchen. “Lost” is on tonight, and they’re replaying “The Lie” from last week before the new episode. That means I get to see Neil go up in flames once again! Sorry, dude!

2 responses to “Will the entertainment center PLEASE leave the bedroom!

  1. Solution to tupperware… Like you said, throw out all that don’t have matching lids. Keep the rest neatly stacked.

    Buy Pyrex glass food savers instead. Zapping food in plastic tupperware is not healthy, especially for men. I hear plastic increases estrogen in men. (?!) Plus you will take way better care of the pyrex cuz, well, it is glass afterall. Also, way easier to clean. I like the sandwich size ones for lunch, they have a lovely red top. I bought a multi-size set from costco which is better for larger dinner type leftovers.

    The plastic tupperware? Great to use or give away leftoevers for guests until they are gone.

    Much love and happy Friday!

  2. My very wise niece! I hadn’t thought about glass. The problem with that, though, is that I pack the boys’ lunches in storage containers (no more baggies in the landfill for us!); they both would break anything glass. But I could keep the glass for the adult leftovers . . . I’m going to look into it! Thanks, Panda Girl, and happy Friday right back at ya!

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