Travelin’ Thursday


“I’m a travelin’ gal, made a lot of stops

All over the world . . . .”

–shades of Ricky Nelson

Welcome to Travelin’ Thursday! Much like Waldo and Carmen San Diego, I plan to move out of my comfort zone and wander the friendly confines of my 10-mile personal travel bubble. Wherever I land is where I plan to type the day’s blog post.

I guess I’d better put reliable wifi on the top of my preference list of far-flung places to type profound thoughts and observations. I had hoped to type and post this from Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet, where I just finished a scrumptious vegan feast. But even though wifi is available, it’s not a strong-enough signal for me to access e-mail (I took a couple photos with my iPhone and e-mailed them to myself to use in this blog post) and post. So I must wait until I get back home.


Good Eats Once a Month

I love Dimassi’s, but I limit myself to monthly visits due to the cost ($9.99 plus tax, which at least does include soda). What I like best about this restaurant is that it lists the ingredients of every dish above it in the buffet line. That way there are none of those unwelcome surprises that those of us with food allergies and/or are veg*ns (shorthand for vegetarians and/or vegans) so often stumble across on our way to healthier eating and/or eating according to our convictions. Dimassi’s has possibly the world’s-tastiest hummus (or maybe just the Houston area’s) and plenty of other good vegan delights.


Watched It Twice and Still “Lost”

Last night I watched “Lost” twice (once with the boys and the second time with the Mister, who worked late), and I found it to be fascinating both times with still more questions than answers. Yesterday I had lunch with my friends Karen C. and Kelly. Karen declared that she was sitting out this season of “Lost,” because she’s mad at the show due to the lack of answers in recent seasons. I find the utter confusion to be a great hook to keep our family interested in the eventual outcome. I enjoy reading what has to say about the show, as well as Nik at Nite and Docartz’ blog. They and their readers always seem to find so much substance in the show’s nuances. Pictured above is time traveler Daniel Faraday (a fitting choice for Travelin’ Tuesday!).

Potential spoiler alert!

(respectful spoiler space inserted)

I especially loved how Desmond and Penny named their baby son Charlie. We miss you, rocker boy!

Entertainment Center Update

Yes, it’s still in the bedroom, unfortunately. I’ve e-mailed a picture to the person who hopefully will take the little beast off my hands and am waiting to hear what her final decision will be. I may be too impatient for Freecycle!

Get ’er dones

• Travelin’ and typin’ were today’s biggies. If you’re reading this, then I got ’em done.

• I need to get back into the master bedroom. I’m sure that the little beast will be mocking me as I go through boxes.

• I bought the Mister a digital frame for Christmas. Surely you don’t have to ask if I’ve set it up for him yet, right? It has slots for three photos, so I need to measure them, pick the photos of the boys to use in them, crop them to size, and output them on my Epson inkjet printer. Then I need to put photos on an SD card that will play in the digital frame, learn how to operate it, and teach the Mister (aka Mr. Technophobe) how to use it. It could be a long night!

2 responses to “Travelin’ Thursday

  1. Susan, I love your blog! Your day to day life is very interesting. You have a way of making even the mundane seem exciting! I love my shout out….:) Mark and I also watch LOST, and last night after the show ended, Mark said, “I wish they would just make all of the rest of the shows and we could watch a 20 hour marathon!” It’s difficult to wait a whole week to see a new episode. Also like that Charlie is the baby’s name, and “you know who” is the soldier! I also like Dimassis, so let’s make that our next lunch date. Ah, my memory lane story of the week that I was reminded of when you spoke of having the the first Mac…Michael called me a couple of days ago and said that Ohio State was cancelling school for the day because of snow and ice. This almost never happens, so I looked up the Columbus newspaper’s website to see how bad things were. The article mentioned the blizzard of ’78 and how bad it was. I thought to myself, “I remember that so clearly!” Then, the article said that it was 31 years ago! Now of course, 1978 was 31 years ago, but in my head it was only about ten or so years ago. Reality check.
    Talk to you soon!

    • Maureen: Thanks for the kind words! We’ll have to go to the new Dimassi’s (when it’s open) on the Southwest Fwy.

      In some ways I agree with Mark about the 20-hour “Lost” marathon, yet in other ways I want to savor the show, because we know it’s going to end so soon.

      Gotta love those reality checks!

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