Happiest of Birthdays, #1 Son!


Have 17 years ever gone by as fast as the 17 that make up #1 son’s life so far? I look into his beautiful blue eyes, and a serious-looking newborn with a furled brow stares back at me, totally helpless, completely relying on every action his father and I are about to make. Were two people ever as scared as we were when we first took him home, clueless as can be? Have two people ever loved a baby more than we did him?

#1 son winter

Now that little 6-pound, 8-ounce baby looks and sometimes acts like a man. He’s a junior in high school with his sights set on a career in the music industry as a songwriter and record producer. We’re starting down the college road, trying to figure out which university not more than three hours away from home (my #1 criterion!) will best enable him to spread his wings and fly off into adulthood where he can become a productive citizen and, hopefully, lead a happy life. Soon I won’t be able to live and breathe so many of his minutes with him every day. I am happy for his future, and a little bit sad for mine.

And I’ll be going through all of these feelings again in three years and four months!

My First Great-nephew

I’ll be able to relive some of the excitement and trepidation of #1’s birth and early months when my dear niece, Ralphie, has her first baby (a son!) next month. We’re going to be visiting her and her family (and her mother, my oldest sister) in July when her dear older sister, the Beck, marries. I can’t wait to find out what her first thoughts were when her son makes his entrance into this world (Mine were, “So that’s what’s been kicking me these last few months!”). 

Super Bowl commercial update

Some non-Texas readers of this blog might have done a big “huh?” when I mentioned the AshleyMadison.com ad (your website for affairs, married or single) that aired during the Super Bowl. Come to find out that the ad only was shown in Texas (“Houston Chronicle”)! The NFL and NBC both banned the ad, but the local Texas TV affiliates didn’t. Pretty disillusioning, especially for a state in the Bible belt where if you’re of the “wrong” religion (like myself), certain people take pleasure informing you that you’ll be burning in Hell with others of your ilk forever and a day.

Get ’er dones

It’s been hard concentrating on anything other than the #1 son today, even with him in school. We’re going out to his favorite restaurant (he’ll be having chicken tenders) tonight, either before or after a meeting I’m attending for #2 son’s high school course selection. How could my baby be a freshman next year?!? Don’t get me started!!

extra_bubble_gumGuess that means we’ll be DVRing “The Biggest Loser,” which is a good thing, given all the commercials. The show really has to stretch to fit in the two-hour time slot; I wish NBC would just let it be an hour. We could do without all the product placements, too; they make me want to boycott Extra gum!

2 responses to “Happiest of Birthdays, #1 Son!

  1. Hi Aunt Susan, Thanks for the shout out! I can’t wait to see you and the boys in July! It’ll be wonderful to share our first emotions with you about having the baby.

    Much love,

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