Tasty Tuesday (I Hope!)


See that lone, naked spaghetti squash up there? I hope that at this time tomorrow I can regale you with tales of how tasty it was after it’s been cooked tonight!

80x80px-ls-365_organicI’m going to use a recipe that I found on Helloveggie.org for marinara squash. While it does have slightly more than three ingredients, one is the squash, another is marinara sauce (I just happen to have a jar of Whole Foods’ 365 Organic Pasta Sauce), and the others are olive oil, salt, pepper, and chives—I have everything! I’ve never eaten spaghetti squash before thought I’ve always wanted to, but I must admit that I was intimidated by the hard-shelled beast. But Helloveggie.org’s Jenn has me believing that I can successfully master the squash, so I’ll be tackling it tonight and, hopefully, enjoying it while I watch “The Biggest Loser.”

Oh, and yes, I photographed the squash on a very old Thomas the Tank Engine plate. And worse? We still use that plate (love that Thomas!).


 Ten-Minute Tasks

There are so many needy contenders in the house! I’ve decided to pick the NuShield, which came a couple days ago. It’s pictured above in the plastic bag it came in and on top of the MacBook (the white border is the adhesive). It looks like it might take a good 10 minutes to carefully adhere it to my MacBook screen (I’m usually terrible at tasks like this), after which I will test it to see if it really helps with the glare. I like the idea of a screen protector, of course, but I’d love to cut down on the MacBook’s glossy screen’s glare.

I’ll also be spending at least 10 minutes when I bring the boys’ iMac back home and set it up again. The Apple store geniuses think there was a problem with the operating system, so they wiped the internal hard drive and reinstalled Leopard as well as iLife ’09. We have everything backed up on an external hard drive via Time Machine, but the geniuses want us to move everything back manually in case the problem also was backed up. Naturally, #1 son is worried he’ll lose some of his iTunes songs, but I think all will be right with his world.

Those TMTs are today’s get ’er dones!


4 responses to “Tasty Tuesday (I Hope!)

  1. hey Susan,
    I just found out about your blog from Lazy Mom Leslie, who I just found out about yesterday. She told me about your blog. I am a blog lover, too, and isn’t it a small, small world….yes, you may hum that tune for the rest of the day! 🙂
    See you around SL…..
    The spaghetti squash is pretty good, especially considering its nutrition level and calorie count…so how did you like it?

    • Hey, Suzanne! Thanks for checking in! I’ll be writing about the spaghetti squash in today’s (Wednesday’s) blog. Check it out!

      BTW, I have a wonderful rendition of “It’s a Small World” by Rockapella . . . and it does tend to stick in your head for a long time.

  2. I have had the spaghetti squash. It is surprisingly tasty. You wouldn’t mistake it for spaghetti, but it tastes just as good in a different way…

    • Becky: I’d eat it again, if someone else made it. I’m not willing to put in all that time and work. I’ve heard that you’re a good cook; glad you didn’t inherit the noncooking gene that your mom and I have!

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