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“Lost” in Thursday Thoughts

sawyer-dharma doc

Last night’s “Lost” was a seesaw episode . . . back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Three years earlier. Three years later. Three years earlier. Three years later. And where is John Locke?

I liked how the opening with the Left Behinders built on an older episode (when Locke dropped into the well). First they see what’s probably the statue that the four-toed foot belongs to. Then there’s a flash, and the well is back!  Sawyer jumps into the well . . . that isn’t finished yet. So who is building it??

After the flash, headaches and nosebleeds are gone. Juliet wonders if John has succeeded in his quest to stop the island from time traveling. Sawyer wants to wait for Locke to return. “As long as it takes,” he says.

Then it’s three years later . . . cool transition back to the Dharma Initiative.

We know we’re in the 1970s. We hear an unmistakable voice as the head of security. The Dharma guys say it’s LaFleur. But we know him as . . . Sawyer!

Sawyer really takes charge in this episode. Like Jack with the Oceanic 6, Sawyer is ready to weave a lie that will allow the Left Behinders to live. As he says, “I’m a professional. I used to lie for a living.”

But not only is Sawyer in charge, he also is domesticated . . . by Juliet, the fertility doctor turned car mechanic. Even though the passion heats up between them, I had to wonder if Juliet had forgotten about Jack and Sawyer about Kate. Sawyer tells Horace (current leader of the DI) that it is possible to forget someone after three years, that he can’t even remember her face anymore.

As he’s spooning with Juliet, Sawyer gets that fateful call from Jin (who, by the way, speaks great English). I’ll bet he’s about to see some of the Oceanic 6ers! Here comes the VW bus, looking very spiffy. And there’s Hurley, Jack, and . . . (music builds and builds; wait for it, wait for it) and finally Kate.

I think Sawyer remembers exactly what she looks like. What a killer ending again!!

And then there’s the bad news: No new episode for two weeks. Arrgh!!

My Frogurt obsession

neil-frogurtRemember my obsession with Neil (“Frogurt,” as dubbed by Sawyer)? The obnoxious “Lost” survivor who got his just desserts (so to speak) when he was hit in the chest with the flaming arrow? I was watching the 1996 movie “That Thing You Do!” on one of the high-numbered cable channels, and there he was! His was billed as a heckler, and he was obnoxious in that movie, too! He even said “Neato!”

Sean Whalen is the actor’s name. According to Wikipedia, Sean was in a 1996 episode of the “Cosby Show” as the “dry cleaner guy.” In his first movie, “Ferris Bueller,” he played a fast food manager. He appeared as a pizza boy in “Friends” and was in the very first “Got milk?” commercial.

Looks like being silenced by a flaming arrow is a move up the career ladder!

Dramarican Idol continued

TatianaThe “American Idol” wild cards were announced last night. The good news? Nathanial didn’t make it. The bad news? Tatiannoying did. I still think the producers urged the judges to choose her to push the drama as high as possible. All we can hope for is that she keeps her shrieking to a minimum and her good singing to a maximum.

Track update

Yesterday’s meet was moved to today; hopefully, I’ll have some good photos to post for Photo Friday.