Daily Archives: March 10, 2009

eBookin’ It


Oh, oh . . . I could be in trouble! BIG eTrouble!

I learned via Brad’s Reader that this is Read an eBook Week. I have the eReader app on my iPhone, but I have yet to finish reading a book using it. Maybe it was the choice of novel, maybe it was the app, maybe I’m just not the kind of gal who digs that kind of commitment to electronic media. But when I saw that Amazon.com had released a Kindle app for the iPhone and iPod Touch followed hard on its heels by Read an eBook Week, I knew I had to see what this Kindle/eBook mania was all about.

kindle-frontMy baby brother, the big shot Chicago lawyer, was an early eReader adapter. He started with Sony’s eReader and then moved on to the original Kindle. Little bro is a big reader on trains, planes, but probably not in automobiles, and he loved the idea of yet another electronic gadget. He’s told me how much he enjoys his Kindle. I’d probably love one, too (as would the #1 son, who has been reading since he was three years old), but I’m a bit put off by the price tag: $359. Ouch! I am one of those types who likes feeling a book in her hands, smoothing out the pages as I turn them. But I also think it would be cool to wirelessly download books and have them on the Kindle in a matter of minutes. And think of the clutter one would be without! No books all over the house . . . not that that describes anyone’s house we know.

Of course, that “got to have it NOW” mindset can get one in major eTrouble! Amazon.com, which is one of my favorite eMerchants, makes the buying process so darned easy that getting carried away would be a natural for yours truly. I put the whole process to the test last night.

humorous-short-storiesFirst, I found the Kindle store on Amazon.com. Next I tried to buy the cheapest book I could, because I didn’t want to make a big investment in something I couldn’t share with others (I probably can with the #1 son, though, once he downloads the Kindle app to his iPod Touch). I opted for “The Best American Humorous Short Stories” for 80 cents. The purchase is made via computer or by mobile Safari on the iPhone with Amazon’s notorious 1-Click Ordering (that’s where that eTrouble can happen! It’s too easy!) and is virtually instantaneously sent to your iPhone. I touched the Kindle app on my iPhone, and there was one of the worst books ever to be published in the world! Not even worth 80 cents!!

dear-neighbor-drop-deadKind of frustrated me! So I tried again, realizing that I had to spend more to get more. This time I bought “Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead” by Saralee Rosenberg for $8.76. It looks like my kind of novel—a humorous take on the suburbs. I’ve already started reading it, and the process doesn’t seem too limiting. It is a lot of swiping to turn the pages, and you can only read in portrait mode, not landscape (unlike the eReader app). What’s nice about having reading material on an iPhone is that it’s so handy! If you’re stuck in a line at the grocery store or bank, take out your iPhone, touch the Kindle app, and start reading. It remembers where you left off! I might even be able to get more reading done, as long as the iPhone’s battery doesn’t go dead.

Rosenberg’s book is 352 pages; I’m going to try to finish it this week, so I can have a full report by Monday. I probably won’t read it when I’m eating, though, so I don’t get food stuff all over my iPhone (I feel sorry for my books sometimes; so many guacamole spots from reading while eating at Chipotle!). I think my main get ’er done for today will be reading on my iPhone . . . got to take one for the blog!