My Great-Nephew Finally Arrives!


Baby Zeke is in the house! My niece, Ralphie, finally was able to pop out the eight-pounder early yesterday morning. Welcome to the world, little one; congrats to my niece, her husband, her big sister (the Beck), my big sister (first-time grandma!), my ex-BIL (who was nice enough to post photos for all of us to see), and my mom, who finally is a great-grandmother! We’ll get to see the Z-man when we visit Seattle in July when the Beck gets married.

Speaking of cute baby boys . . . .

127-2003-sleepy-2After I posted yesterday’s blog update, it hit me that I had a great photo of the #2 son eating his favorite pudding breakfast in 2003 (he was eight years old). I found it on my external hard drive, and here it is! Never a morning person, #2 looks just as sleepy as he felt. I used to carry him to the dining room table, deposit him in a chair, and open his pudding cups for him (they often were the devil to open; hate that industrial-strength glue they obviously used). This photo was taken during #2’s two chocolate-two vanilla cups phase. Today at Kroger’s I paused at the snack puddings and smiled. Of course, they were on sale!

Ah, George!

george_clooney-dr-ross1Sigh!! And sigh again!! My heart was a-flutter during last night’s “ER” episode, as my second husband, George Clooney, made his return as Dr. Doug Ross. I’m sure he was saying some incredible lines, but I was hardly listening, because I was too busy watching him. Lucky Julianna Margulies (aka Carol Hathaway) to be able to cuddle with my Georgie (albeit briefly). I also enjoyed seeing Ernest Borgnine on the show . . . I’ve always loved that gap between his front teeth. He’s an incredibly talented actor, yet to millions of young kids, he’s best known as the voice of Mermaid Man on “SpongeBob SquarePants!”

A quick note: I love being able to surf the ’net on my MacBook while watching TV. It was nice being able to check Wikipedia for every “ER” nuance.

Oh, and did anyone notice how I managed to slip in George’s photo in back-to-back blog posts? Couldn’t help myself!

Late night television

medium_big-east-logoTry as we might, the #2 son and I couldn’t quite make it to the end of the thrilling University of Connecticut-Syracuse basketball game before falling asleep. #2 nodded off during the third overtime, while the drool was dripping out of my mouth during the fifth extra period. I did wake up when the sixth OT was finished to see that Syracuse finally had won.

Speaking of putting out fires . . . .

One reason this is being posted late is because the Mister left his wallet at home. Usually, he forgets his cell phone (a major inconvenience . . . for me, because I then have to answer it all day). He needed his wallet, so I made the half-hour drive to give it to him. Think I was just being the nice wife? I got a free lunch at the Olive Garden out of it!


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