A Positive College Visit!


A statue that has nothing to do with UTSA!

A statue that has nothing to do with UTSA!

Despite the misspellings on the sign and a statue that has nothing to do with the campus, the family walked away with a very favorable impression of the University of Texas at San Antonio yesterday. We still have one more college to look at, but we definitely could imagine the #1 son as a Roadrunner! The campus is much smaller than UT-Austin. It’s pretty and looks fairly new. Best of all, there are Macs all over the place—iMacs, eMacs, and MacPros in classrooms and computer labs. We could’ve stopped right there!

We enjoyed an hour campus tour and then met with the head of the music technology department (it offers a 16-hour certificate like a minor) and the head of the communications department (#1 probably will pursue a technical communications degree).

Even #2 became interested in UTSA when he heard about its rec center, which has a lazy river, weight rooms, big-screen TVs, and everything else that can be done while stalling to start one’s homework (not to name names!). I doubt that #1 will so much as step inside the rec center, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

194-buc-ceesWe enjoyed an easy drive to and from San Antonio. The highlight, as always, was a stop at Buc-ee’s in Luling on the way home. They have amazing bathrooms (yes, really worth holding for!), as well as all kinds of food and souvenirs. Love that place and especially love the Beaver Nuggets (aka sugar crack). Total sugar high! JJ, the organizational wiz next door, and I buy each other Nuggets when we stop at Buc-cee’s. They’re about to open a Buc-cee’s close by, and I’m going to have to use a lot of willpower to keep away from it. Unfortunately, it’s right by my dental office . . . hmmm, I wonder if the dentists will be sponsoring the Beaver Nuggets? Beaver Nuggets = sugar = cavities. It’s a dental-marketing dream!

Thinking time

fred-weasleyWhen we travel, we like to play “I’m thinking of a . . . .” We’ve been thinking of movies, TV shows, fictional characters, Beanie babies, etc., for years now, and we always have fun seeing who can stump the other three the longest. Yesterday I was thinking of a Harry Potter character, Fred Weasley, one of Ron’s twin brothers. It was finally  narrowed down to the Weasleys (it already had been established that it was human, male, magical, and a student) when the Mister stepped up to the plate.

The Mister: “Is it one of the twins?”

Me: “Yes.”

The Mister: “Is it Percy?”

Strikeout! Back to the bench! Raucous laughter by the boys and me.

Me: “Percy isn’t one of the twins!” Which didn’t narrow it down enough for #2, who guessed George, making it very easy for #1 to win the round.

eBookin’ it

I did a little reading of my eBook during the trip (but not while the car was moving, because I tend to get carsick if I read). I’m up to chapter four, and I really miss reading an actual book. The iPhone is too small for serious reading, and I prefer having a big page to a small screen. It’s going to take me awhile to finish the eBook, but finish it I shall!


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  2. The statues were all specifically selected for the campus – if you look at them all together, you’ll see the theme – cultural diversity. 🙂

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