Lightning-quick “Lost”

Don't turn your back on Sun, Ben! Ka-pow!

OMG! Did last night’s “Lost” move at Flash speed or what? All of a sudden, an hour had gone by, as the #1 son and I hung onto every word between the numerous commercial breaks. Even when I watched the episode again with #2 and the Mister (who were late coming home after playing, what else?, disc golf), the time just raced by. That, my friends, is storytelling at its best!

One of my favorite scenes was the one shown above when Sun clobbered Ben with the oar after she told pilot Frank Lapidus that she had to trust Ben. She totally owned you, Ben!

Lapidus to Sun: “I thought you trusted that guy.”

Sun: “I lied.” Oooooo!

Hurley, Kate, and Jack as 1977 Dharma Initiative recruits

I also loved when Jack, who returns to the island with Kate and Hurley only to become new recruits for the Dharma Initiative, is assigned to janitorial duties, because that’s what his aptitude test supposedly showed he was best for. And who really decided on Jack’s Dharma job? Why, Sawyer, of course! Score one for the former con man.


A smiling Sawyer

Sawyer’s transformation from a guy who sat back and unemotionally took advantage of any situation that could benefit only him to one who is emotionally invested in being one of the DI leaders has been interesting. He’s become a better version of Jack and John Locke as far as leadership ability. And he gets to really stick it to Jack for all the times Jack verbally kicked him in the face in the old days:

Sawyer: “You just reacted. You didn’t think, Jack. And as I recall, a lot of people ended up dead.”

Jack: “I got us off the island.”

Sawyer: “Yet here you are, right back where you started.”

Sawyer actually quotes Winston Churchill about reading books to help him think . . . how cerebral! Jack led via gut reaction, while Sawyer prefers to think about all the angles first. That con man past has served him well!


creepy Christian Shephard

A few more things: Lapidus and Sun meeting Christian Shephard . . . how creepy was that? It’s obviously NOT 1977 anymore, so Sun isn’t in the same “time zone” as Jin. Which is why Christian told her, “I’m sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you.”

#1 son’s reaction to seeing Christian: “Dead men tell no tales.” Apparently, this one does, though.

Juliet holds baby Ethan, who is destined to be killed by Charlie.

Juliet holds baby Ethan, who is destined to be killed by Charlie.

Juliet looked so sad at seeing Kate, even though she saved her with the story about an updated sub manifest. #1 son thought Juliet was thinking, “Are you trying to steal my man?” Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet with great subtlety, has amazing blue eyes, by the way.

Finally, loved, loved, loved the ending! Did I say I loved it? Yes, I did! Even when I quickly figured out that it was the young Ben Linus about to visit Sayid in Dharma jail, I still looked forward to seeing Sayid’s reaction when he realized just who was giving him a sandwich without mustard. Classic!

Looking forward to next week’s episode, I chuckled when they said in the preview that it was “survivor vs. survivor.” “Survivor?” Isn’t that usually on Thursdays? Yes, but not tonight, because of the NCAA basketball tournament. But “Survivor” is on Wednesday next week (a recap show), the same night as “Lost.” Coincidence? I think not!



Oh, how I love that word . . . “bracketology.” It can mean only one thing: It’s March Madness time! In our house, the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament has us filling out brackets for our annual family pool (where “annual” means this is the second year).

I’m the defending champion, so I really want to win again. There’s no money on the line, only pride. After losing so badly in our annual Tour de France family pool (where “annual” means the last two years), I desperately need a victory.

Making March Madness picks means battling with your head (common sense) vs. your heart (teams you love or hate). For me, it means realizing that my alma mater, the University of Illinois, might manage to beat Western Kentucky in its opener but probably won’t go any farther. I used my head on that one. I also used my head on Purdue, which is a school I love to hate (Illinois’ big Big Ten rival), but I still picked them to win a couple games when I really want them to lose.


All four of us picked a different team to win the championship: The Mister opted for North Carolina, #1 son for Louisville (the safest pick), and the #2 son for Syracuse, while I went with Pittsburgh. According to the #2 son’s point system (he’s our pool master), the championship is worth five points. So I thought it would be best if we all picked different teams; otherwise, I probably would’ve chosen Louisville.  My final four is Louisville, Memphis, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh.

May the best teams win . . . as long as they’re my picks!

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