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Stuff ’n Nonsense Wednesday

Lisa R's vegetable garden

Lisa R's vegetable garden

When my friend Lisa R. talked about her vegetable garden on her Facebook page, I knew I had to see it (plus I needed to pick up a box of Lemonades Girl Scout cookies that she was kind enough to buy for me; #1 son loves those cookies!). Today being a meandering morning kind of day, I moseyed on over, interrupted a GS meeting she was having, and walked into her backyard.

OMG! The girl and her husband sure can garden! Her Mister built her a very-impressive, multidimensional, raised veggie garden, and she already has cages around her tomato plants. She’s also growing cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, squash, banana peppers, and various herbs (she probably is a good cook and knows how to use them).

Lisa R's train garden

Lisa R's train garden

See the photo above? That’s Lisa’s train garden (so named because a train track runs around it). She had several areas of pretty flowers in her blooming backyard, which is the way I always imagine my backyard should look . . . only it doesn’t. Not anything like it at all. Then again, Lisa doesn’t have a couple disc golf baskets and hordes of discs to cope with. Just a train.

I’m going to make several field trips to Lisa’s garden during the spring and summer to compare notes and see who has the better green thumb. Anyone taking bets on who it will be? I know who my money’s on . . . and it ain’t me!



Love that Buc-ee’s!

Most of the Buc-ee’s gas stations and so-much-more stores that I’ve seen in Texas are along highways. As I’ve mentioned previously, Buc-ee’s is known for its sensational bathrooms (yes, really, in this case you can use the word “sensational” with “bathroom”), sugary Beaver Nuggets, and so much more. Surprisingly, a smaller Buc-ee’s recently opened up close by, but not on a highway. Since it was a meandering morning, I left Lisa’s and moseyed on over to the Buc-ee’s to pump some gas ($1.79 a gallon) and check out the store.

56-life-is-shortIt was all shiny and new and full of possibilities (such as trail mix, fudge, drinks, etc.). The only purchase I made (besides the gas) was a couple packs of Dubble Bubble assorted fruit gum balls (gum being one of my weaknesses), and I was rewarded with a free car wash ticket. Which I was hesitant to take.

Me: Do I have to use this today?

Cashier: You have until March 31st to use it.

Me: Audible sigh of relief!

Why didn’t I want to wash my Honda Pilot, which desperately is in need of a thorough cleaning? Because of the weather forecast, of course! Today is #2 son’s penultimate track meet, and the meteorologists claim there’s a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms. I knew that washing my car would surely seal the deal, pushing those rain odds to 100 percent. Better to have a dirty car than a rained-out track meet! I might take my chances tomorrow or Friday.

Jimmy John's back door

Jimmy John's back door

“ull” or “ush”

Jimmy John’s sandwich shop, the one that almost had “Gourmet Sanwiches” on its awning, is at it again! Today when I passed its back door on my way to eat lunch at my favorite restaurant on earth, Chipotle, I saw “ULL.” I resisted the temptation to open the door to see if the letters spelled out “USH” on the other side.