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“Lost” Again Nails the Ending!


Ben Linus with his trademark evil look
Ben Linus with his trademark evil look

OMG! OMG! OMG! What a sensational ending for last night’s “Lost” episode! Sayid shoots a bullet through the heart of the 1977 Benjamin Linus, effectively changing the future events on the island. No Dharma purge. The Richard Alpert-led Others/Hostiles don’t end up as the island’s only real inhabitants. No crash of Oceanic flight 815. And, of course, no murders of Charles Widmore’s associates by Sayid as orchestrated by the adult Ben Linus.

Yep, it’s all neat and tidy. All those pesky loose ends tied nicely into a bow.

Young Ben Linus—already creepy
Young Ben Linus—already creepy

Ya right! As if!! This is, after all, “Lost” we’re talking about. There wouldn’t be a television series if the young Ben Linus, abused by his hard-drinking, bitter father, hadn’t grown up to be an evil adult. Ben’s dad blamed his son for the death of his mother during childbirth; all that anger and hate meant it was probably too late for Sayid to take a more-gentle approach with young Ben. So instead of trying to save the preteen Ben and teach him to love and revere his fellow humans, Sayid murdered him.

Chilling, my friends!

This was a very Sayid-centric episode, with heavy doses of Ben thrown in. We see Sayid as a child and quickly understand how he grew up to be an Iraqi torturer and then a murderer for Ben after he soullessly breaks the neck of a chicken, which his older brother was too scared to do.

Sayid in Santo Domingo
Sayid in Santo Domingo

What surprises me most about Sayid in this episode is how he doesn’t appear to question Ben when Ben tells him he has to kill Widmore’s operatives around the world in order to save the rest of the Oceanic 6. Sayid just takes it at face value that that’s what he has to do. It’s as if killing that chicken set off a literally fatal future for Sayid.

When Ben finds the “retired” Sayid in Santo Domingo (classic “Lost” dialogue—Sayid: How did you find me? Ben: I looked.) and sets him up to kill some more, Ben just plain nails the essence of Sayid:

Ben: It’s in your nature; it’s what you are. You’re a killer, Sayid.

Sayid: I’m not what you think I am. I don’t like killing.

Ben: Then I apologize. I was mistaken about you.

No, Ben, you were not mistaken about Sayid!

Flashing forward to when the Oceanic 6 are at the pier with Sun jamming a gun into Ben’s scrawny neck, remember what Sayid said to Ben as he walked away?

Sayid: If I see you again, it will be extremely unpleasant for us both.

And it was!

Awkward! Kate and Juliet in the mechanics pool

Awkward! Kate and Juliet in the mechanics pool

Several more thoughts:

• When Oldham, the guy who administered the “truth serum” to Sayid, spoke, I just knew he was an actor I should remember. Fortunately, Nikki Stafford of “Nik at Nite” came up with the answer: It’s William Sanderson, who played the talking brother Larry on “Newhart.” Remember his classic line: “Hi, I’m Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl.”

• Hmmm, liquid poured onto a sugar cube. Polio vaccine or LSD?

• And the most-awkward moment Oscar goes to . . . Kate and Juliet conversing in the mechanics garage. Kate might stay away from Sawyer, but will he stay away from her?

• All of a sudden, a VW bus is on fire, sails through the camp, and crashes into Building 15. Soon after, we see the hooded, shadowy figure of preteen Ben. Hmmm . . . playing with matches, young Ben? Only YOU can prevent VW bus fires!

• And that ending! Sayid, freed by Ben, encounters Jin in the woods, flips him, knocks him out, and takes his gun. He thinks, steadies himself, and says, “You were right about me. I am a killer.” Ka-pow!

• I can’t wait until next week’s episode!

Where’s Sayid when you need him?

A side note: As we were watching “Lost,” our local ABC affiliate had the unmitigated gall to interrupt the audio portion while showing us radar of tornadic thunderstorms north of Houston. We could see Hurley, Kate, and Jack talking, but we had no idea what they were saying. Very frustrating! We needed someone like Sayid to convince Channel 13 that it would be better to use a text scrawl or even commercial time to update the weather situation.

And maybe that happened! The second time the station did use a text scrawl. The third? The weather guy came on during commercial time and said, “A quick update. Calm done, you won’t miss any of ‘Lost.'” Near the end of the episode, the meteorologist almost seemed visibly frightened, using only several seconds to let us know more weather information will be on the 10 p.m. news in an hour.

Maybe Sayid did say to Channel 13: If I see that meteorologist again, it will be extremely unpleasant for us both!