Random Snippets

ice-cream-truckWhile I was watching the #2 son coach his third-/fourth-grade division flag football team Sunday, my senses were assaulted for about 20 minutes by an ice cream truck that had spied a prime opportunity to feed a hungry crowd of athletes. I listened as the chiming tones played a bunch of the usual ice cream truck standards that have been beckoning kids forever: “It’s a Small World,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Happy Birthday to You,” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Then it played a song that literally made me smile: “The Theme From Love Story.” Wonder how that got in the rotation! I guess love means never having to say you’re sorry . . . that you can’t buy any ice cream!

Spelling Manor

Spelling Manor

In real estate news

People.com reports that Candy Spelling, Aaron Spelling’s widow, is planning to downsize from a 73,500-square-foot mansion to a “tiny” 17,000-square-foot condo (the same size as an attic in the mansion, which also has three gift-wrapping rooms)!! Candy’s walk-in closet measures 3,500 square feet; that’s bigger than our house!

Any takers, readers?


Win-win situation
The first pitch has been thrown: Major league baseball has begun! Personally, I have a split set of loyalties: I’m a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan (go ahead, call me a loser; I can take it; I’ve suffered through years of mourning yet another lost season), but I’ve lived in the Houston area since 1985, and I also root for the Astros.


It just so happens that the ’stros’ season opener is against the Cubs. Monday when I turned the game on the TV, I told my family, “Yay, we’re winning! Darn it, we’re losing!” I figured that no matter which team won, I’d be happy. So far the two teams have split the series, with the Cubs taking the opener, and the Astros winning last night in extra innings.

And, no, I am not a Chicago White Sox fan. Anyone who lives or has lived in Chicago understands that! It’s kind of like the University of Texas and Texas A&M rivalry.

Was this the face in the clouds?

Was this the face in the clouds?

How could Jigsaw have been the face?

How could Jigsaw have been the face?

Solving the Mystery

So what face do I see in the clouds in my blog header? When I asked the #1 son, he said, “You mean that Easter Island head? It looks like Jigsaw, the villain in the ‘Saw’ movie.” Really? Could there be any less resemblance?!? Very puzzling answer!

Actually, as Lazy Mom Leslie guessed, it’s good, old honest Abe! He’s in the clouds and along the side of the road in Pearland.

A proud mom moment

Last Friday was a red-letter day in the history of the #2 son: He actually, for the first time ever, put his towel back on the towel rack after taking a shower. Without being nagged. Without being reminded. A moment of silence, please, to mark the occasion. I can almost hear my future daughter-in-law cheering in the distance.

Speaking of #2, after I finished his brother’s résumé, I blazed a trail from his door to his closet. It did take an exhausting 10 minutes!



2 responses to “Random Snippets

  1. I can’t believe I guessed it! I don’t know why that makes me so proud of myself, but it does! Happy your ten minutes were productive ones!

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