Photo Friday: Pix from the Dental Chair


the dental beacon

the dental beacon

I learned an important truth while sitting in a dental chair for a couple hours yesterday morning: It’s hard to take good action photos in a tight space when all you have to use is your iPhone! Plus I didn’t want to be snapping away while my dentist, Dr. Tyson, was working away with his fun, motorized tools in my mouth. I still enjoy having all my teeth, thank you very much.

About the best I could do was the above photo of the omnipresent overhead light, the dentist’s best friend and the patient’s worst enemy (even though my dentist gives us sunglasses to wear, I still feel like Sgt. Joe Friday is going to burst into the room to give me the third degree about the amount of texting I was doing while in the chair. Honest, Sgt. Friday, making lunch plans trump courtesy!).

The very bespectacled Dr. Tyson

The very bespectacled Dr. Tyson

Here’s more of an action shot of Dr. Tyson. Note the maroon scrubs—Dr. Tyson is a very proud Texas A&M grad (he also drives a maroon pickup truck). He’s the best dentist I’ve ever had: I appreciate his perfectionism, his dental lingo (“What language are you using?” I’ve had to ask him when he tries to explain toothy stuff to me in detail), and his diehard passion when it comes to Houston’s sports teams.

The crown machine

The crown machine

Dr. Tyson also is a diehard gadget guy. This is the machine he uses to make crowns right there in his office. No more waiting a week or so with a temporary crown that’s bound to fall off the minute you bite into something you shouldn’t have. Talk about convenience! It makes for a longer short-term appointment, but there’s no need to make two trips. And that’s much-appreciated!

One other thing I discovered during my visit is to not wear shorts! No matter how good your legs look (mine are pretty good from the knees down; the thighs = nightmare!), reclining flattens and distorts in a totally unflattering way. And that harsh overhead light doesn’t help matters!

I do have a photo that I took of how my legs looked in the chair, but in the interest of those of you who eat while you read or are impressionable children, I’ll spare you the agony. You can thank me later.

houston_rockets_logoFinally moving on to round two!

I promised my friend Jennifer W. that I would mention our home team Houston Rockets if they won their first-round playoff series. And they finally did last night, walloping the Portland Trail Blazers. This is the first time the Rockets have reached the second round of the playoffs in 12 years. Twelve stinking years! Seems hard to believe it’s been that long, especially after they won back-to-back titles in 1994 and 1995. I’ll never forget the 1995 championship—the #2 son was born during the playoffs; in fact, the Rockets went undefeated after he came into the world. He was their good luck charm!

Here’s hoping the Rockets annihilate the hated Lakers! And a shout-out to my true hometown Chicago Bulls, who have been working overtime against the Boston Celtics. That first-round playoff series is tied, and it’s do or die tomorrow night in Boston.


Change is in the air

My blog has a new name: Random Snippets & Apertures. As optimistic as I was in touting this as a Get ’Er Done blog, the reality was that I was getting even less done because I’ve been busy writing and taking photos for the blog. It was a conundrum that I couldn’t solve, so I figured I might as well change the blog’s name to reflect the direction it’s taken. I much prefer those random snippets of musings and observations as well as all those apertures (as in photographs, especially those taken with wide-open apertures that blur the background) to trying to get caught up on the multitude of projects that continue to litter my life. I guess once a procrastinator always a procrastinator.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on getting things done, and I will talk about what I’m accomplishing—all within the context of those random snippets and apertures. I hope you’ll continue on the journey with me!

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