Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

Our Tomatoes: The Early AND Late Girls!

A ripe and still-to-ripen sweet cherry tomatoes

Ripe and still-to-ripen sweet cherry tomatoes

Despite it being hotter than Haiti here in the Houston area, our garden still is spewing forth tomatoes and cucumbers. The fruits of our labor taste great in a salad!

Another ripe cherry tomato

Another ripe cherry tomato

It doesn’t surprise me that the cherry toms are continuing to ripen. However, just when I thought the Early Girls, of which we had picked our share, had stopped growing and were going to just stay green for the rest of the summer, like magic, the final half-dozen of them ripened practically together! They tasted just as good late in the season as early.



Of course, to no one’s surprise, the cucumbers just keep on coming. As I type, there are at least three more cukes ready to be picked.

The birds and the bugs have snatched their share of our tomatoes, but we’ve still harvested way more than last year (which was only a pitiful duo). Gardening is so much more fun when you have something to show for it . . . early and late!

Dog Days of Summer II


Let’s put this in my It Doesn’t Take Much to Amuse Me category. In the fall of 2007 during one of the #2 son’s flag football games, I noticed one of the player’s dogs looking at me as I was taking action photos. In fact, he seemed to be talking to me! This was what I think he was saying, starting with the above photo.


Quite honestly, in the wrong hands, the ability to do talk and think bubbles in Photoshop probably is a bad thing.


Love the look on his face! Love the word “puparazzi,” too!