Photo Friday: Keep Your Camera Handy

Does this sound appetizing?

Does this sound appetizing?

What’s nice about having a camera in our phones and/or point and shoot cameras is that they’re so handy for taking those unexpectant photos that you just have to show to someone. Say, like the one above.

I snapped it at our local Chinese restaurant. It was a sign in the window (hence the reflection). The minute I read the verbiage, I laughed, whipped out my iPhone, and clicked.

Of course, I know that “chess” really is “cheese,” right? And the “rork roll” is a “pork roll.” But that “chess puss” on the bottom line? Let’s not even go there!

Well, at least, at $2.50 or $3.95, the price is right!

Hot, hotter, hottest

Holy cow!

Holy cow!

When I got in my car after a wonderful lunch at Chipotle (as they all are) on July 2, I started the engine and looked at the temperature gauge. And then I reached for my Olympus Tough-6000 (which I almost always carry with me) and took a photo. Goodness gracious, 109 degrees?!? I sweat just thinking about going outside these days! This has been one brutal summer so far in south Texas.

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