Knit One, Purl Two, Watch Volleyball Three

Knitting up a storm . . . er, shawl

Knitting up a storm . . . er, shawl

What I’ve really enjoyed about my sons playing sports and watching other kids compete is sitting with the parents. Whether on the sidelines or in the bleachers, it’s a great time for us to catch up with what’s going on in school and life and enjoy a respite from the day-to-day work, laundry, cooking, and cleaning (well, except that I don’t do any of those day to day, of course).

And I’m not the only one who feels that way. I remember one mom at a youth football practice saying we should tell the coaches to keep the boys going for another half hour, because we weren’t done talking yet.

Sheri multitasks: She smiles AND knits!

Sheri multitasks: She smiles AND knits!

Last Friday I attended some of the girls’ volleyball matches at my sons’ high school after watching the #2 son run in his cross-country meet. I had my Nikon D300, of course, but instead of my indoor-sport go-to lens (the Nikon 85mm), the Nikon 50mm f/1.4  was in my bag. It was pure serendipity!

smilin’ Sheri

smilin’ Sheri

I put it on my camera and started shooting some of the volleyball action. But I was really intrigued with what my long-time friend Sheri was doing a bleacher row above me: Knitting a prayer shawl. I’d seen Sheri knitting up a storm at games when her daughter played volleyball and basketball in eighth grade, and I knew I just had to take some knitting-needle close ups.

Sidebar: I’ve known Sheri since her son and my #1 son were in first grade together, about 10 years. It’s been very handy having a three-year-spacing buddy (her daughter also is a freshman like #2) to commiserate with and get information from. We’re usually on the same page together!

More multitasking: Knitting and watching volleyball

More multitasking: Knitting and watching volleyball

Even though the bleachers were tight quarters photographically (good thing I had the 50mm!), I wanted to document what Sheri does during volleyball games. It took some twisting and turning, but I was able to snap off a series of shots that did the trick.

Sidebar: I’ve reconnected with one of my high school friends, Jo, on Facebook. She’s also a dedicated knitter who multitasks with her needles and yarn during her sons’ activities. She told me that when a season is done, she has something to show for it! I think Sheri feels the same way; she’s always knitting some kind of apparel for some lucky person.

Never a dropped stitch!

Never a dropped stitch!

As much as I admired Sheri’s multitasking during the games, I had to remember that I also was involved in two activities at once: Talking to the other parents and taking action shots.

Katie jump-sets for Mary Ellen.

Katie jump-sets the ball for Mary Ellen.

Knitting and volleyball!

2 responses to “Knit One, Purl Two, Watch Volleyball Three

  1. Good pics, Susan! Hey there ‘s Sheri!!! 🙂


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