Reading: It’s Great for Insomnia!


For the past two weeks, the #2 son has had one big homework assignment: Read “Kiss the Dust” for honors world geography.

kiss the dust

Sidebar: I have two confessions to make about this book. First, I keep thinking it refers to Oklahoma (as in the dust bowl), not Iraq. You would think the fact that the novel is for “world” geography would be a tip off that it’s not necessarily about the United States. I’m afraid I’ve been losing too many brain cells in my ongoing ant war. Second, I so want to call it “Bite the Dust.” Which is what I wish those ants would do!

To say that the #2 son hates to read is a little like saying the Alamo is old. Or the Statue of Liberty is historical. Or that I really, truly detest ants that invade my beloved Blow Pops. #2 says he only likes books with short chapters; the subject matter isn’t really important. Needless to say, the boy never will read a Harry Potter book.


Meanwhile, the #1 son, who has been reading since age 3, considers a 288-page book like “Kiss the Dust” almost not worth his time. A Harry Potter fan, he loves long novels and nonfiction baseball tomes. He almost always has a book in his hands, while #2 almost always has a football in his. Different strokes for different sons.

The other evening #2 was in the family room supposedly reading his book. He had to be done with it by today for his quiz, plus he has a project due Monday (and has he started it yet? Need you ask?!?). #1 also was reading near him. In my office, I drank in the quiet of the evening and thought, “This is good!”

But after 10 or 15 minutes, I listened to that same silence and thought, “Oh, oh!”

Me: #1 son, is your brother asleep?

#1: Of course he is.

Sigh! #2 almost always falls asleep when he reads. Which is okay right before bed with any old book but not one he’s going to be quizzed about and have to do a project on. And this happens if he reads right after dinner or right before bed. He doesn’t discriminate—almost all books read at any time of the day cause him to nod off. And sometimes even use the book for his pillow!


As long as the #2 son has a book, he’ll never have to worry about insomnia!

6 responses to “Reading: It’s Great for Insomnia!

  1. So were you DRINKING in the quiet of the evening or drinking IN the QUIET of the evening…????? one does wonder….lol.

    AND…….does the son READ your blog??? Will he be happy with your post about his book and snuggie???? LOL

    • Good one, Suzanne! Hadn’t thought about it in that context . . . probably because I was drinking in WATER at the time!

      And, no, the boys don’t read my blog. It’s fun embarrassing them without them knowing it! I’m sure there will be a visit to Dr. Phil in our future, though, once they DO catch on to what I’m doing!

  2. don’t worry, bite the dust is only one of the requests that have been made for this book….some of them very funny, but the best was someone looking for A Tale of Two Cities…

    “i need a book about 2 people” thank goodness i knew that Tale was being read otherwise i don’t know what i would have given them!!! :o)

    • “Kiss the Wind” is what a friend called the book, so I guess I’m not the only one confused about the name. Funny story about “A Tale of Two Cities!”

  3. if it makes you feel any better, Amanda has not started her Kiss the Dust project either.

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