No Sick Days for Moms


My swinging #1 son

All of you moms out there understand this one, basic truth of our lives: Moms can’t be sick. Sure, we can try to rest while the kids are in school, but once they come home, they need us. They might not like us all the time, sad to say, but they do need us a lot of the time.

Especially when we’d rather be flat on our backs watching Oprah or any other mindless TV show.


The #2 son ponders . . . but what?

I’m fortunate that my two sons at ages 17 and 14 are fairly self-sufficient when it comes to eating. The older one doesn’t mind driving himself and his brother to McDonald’s or Subway, if necessary.

So where do they especially need me? The computer.

Yesterday I was down for the count with some kind of stomach distress that started the night before. I could barely sit up for a minute at a time. So, naturally, both boys had papers for me to print out. Our standard operating procedure is for them to type everything on their iMac and then e-mail it to my iMac to be printed out. I had to institute this process, because of the #1 son’s tendencies to, shall we say, go off the deep end at times on papers and write inappropriately for high school.

This time #1 was having trouble with hanging indents in Word and trying to fit a set of song lyrics on one piece of paper using a typesize that was readable. It took me about an hour to do what I normally would’ve breezed through in a matter of minutes. I just couldn’t sit up long enough to finish the tasks quickly.

Meanwhile, the #2 son was doing research on Missouri for World Geography. I was able to instruct him on how to e-mail me the website he wanted printed out (so much easier if it’s a link; on a Mac you use command-shift-i to do that) from the couch. Fortunately, by about 11 p.m. I was feeling well enough to sit at the computer for longer periods of time, sweating a puddle of what I guess was the fever I had. That meant I could look through my 65 e-mails and easily satisfy the #2 son’s tech needs once again.

Glad to say I’m feeling much better today and will be ready to meet my sons’ needs when they walk through the door after school. But I sure wouldn’t mind if they’re not too demanding!


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