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Halloween Neighborhood Fun


“Michael Jackson” reaches for candy.

There were lots of treats . . . but no tricks . . . Saturday night, as we sat out in our cul-de-sac and celebrated Halloween. The weather was spectacular—cool but not cold—and the adults had a blast visiting. We didn’t have as many trick or treaters as usual, plus my neighbor Marcel didn’t make his traditional chili, because the Mister had gotten a couple briskets that he donated to the cause. Marcel, who is a master chef (his wife Grace is so lucky!), sliced the briskets, heated them, and had them ready to go for our potluck dinner.


Courtney, Laurel, Alexandra, Ashlyn, Eli, and Bryce—some of our cul-de-sac kids

The kids always have a good time eating, greeting, and trick or treating around the rest of our subdivision. Kids and adults having fun, costumes, and chocolate    . . . could there be a better holiday?

Personally, I always like the youngest of the young when they stop in our cul-de-sac. So cute in their little costumes, they won’t remember a thing about Halloween. And it’s likely that their parents will be eating their candy!

A baby bee and baby Walker

A baby bee and baby Walker

Here are a couple of cuties!


Brothers Chewbacca and Han Solo

And here are a couple more!


Sister Courtney and brother Joker Ryan

If only cellphones were around for Little Red Riding Hood way back when!


Bony Toby

Even the dogs were showing up in costume! Not that they got any of our candy, of course.


Bryce inspects the candy.

I snapped these photos with a new/old lens. I bought a Nikon f/2.8 (of course!) 35-70mm lens from KEH.com and wanted to put it through its paces to see if I liked it. It’s a discontinued lens that was best known for being great people glass. It’s not a fast focuser, and it’s the old push-pull telephoto. But it seems to work great with the Nikon D700, which is a full-frame camera and doesn’t work well with my beloved Nikon 17-55mm DX lens.

I’ll take a moment to allow your eyes to deglaze.


The #2 son rears back to throw.

My sons don’t go trick or treating anymore. They came out of the house to eat the potluck dinner and then went back inside to play video games. But after awhile, the #2 son just had to come out and play with a gaggle of sugar-infused fifth-and sixth-grade boys (several of whom were on the flag football team he coaches). If there’s a ball involved, you know #2 will be there. It made for an even livelier cul-de-sac scene.

Thanks to all my neighbors for once again showing that we live in the best subdivision in our master-planned community.


Tami toasts the evening.