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A Devil of a Time Playing Halloween Disc Golf


The #2 son (dressed as his pal Randy) putts.

Wanting to photograph disc golf usually is a no-brainer for me. I enjoy trying to capture the athleticism of the disc golfers, particularly the #2 son, the Mister, and, occasionally, the #1 son.

ERic putts.

Eric putts.

But take that athleticism and couple it with Halloween costumes? There’s no need to ask me twice!

Last Saturday’s special Halloween mini disc golf tournament was on a private course in and around the homes of two avid players, Marcus and Steve. The participants were told to dress in costume or they wouldn’t earn their payouts.


Matt, the Grim Reaper photographer

That didn’t mean they had to play dressed up, fortunately. As you can see from the top part of Matt’s costume, he’d probably still be on the course if he had worn his bobble-headed Grim Reaper apparel while he was throwing.


Sam and his clown act

The same might have been true of Sam and his rather disturbing clown and partner outfit. Is it just me or does this look wrong on so many levels?


The devil made Billy dress up like this!

Billy, though, did play in costume, and his get-up was the hit of the tournament! Given his love of oldies music, it wasn’t surprising that Billy would come dressed as the devil with the blue dress on. Mitch Ryder, eat your heart out!


Jessica jumps for a thrown disc.

I shot with my new/used, discontinued Nikon f/2.8 35-70mm lens, because I wanted to concentrate more on taking people pix vs. action shots. The lens doesn’t really focus fast enough for great action photos, but I was able to snap a few that I liked.


The costumed and non-costumed gang

The 35-70 did a much-better job capturing the costumed throng.


Billy blows a kiss.

As well as yet another photo of that devil wearing his blue dress, black socks, and velcro shoes!