Daily Archives: November 5, 2009

A Chookooloonks Blog Day


Recently photographed flora

There’s a blog I like to read called Chookooloonks. It’s authored by another photographer mom who also lives here in the Houston area (we’ve never met).


Karen, the author, likes to feature only one or maybe two photos in her blog along with mostly self-introspective text. In admiration of her style, I was going to try to match up these flora photos (taken with my new/used Nikon 35-70mm lens, which has a macro mode) with some great introspective verbiage for today’s post. Hey, I’m not just a bunch of photos and short sentences all the time, you know! I’ve got some great thoughts rattling around in my brain, too.

But then I got distracted by a fax machine issue, and, well, now all I can think about is eating lunch in an hour or so.

So go check out Chookooloonks when you have a chance. Then come back here tomorrow to look at lots of photos and read lots of short sentences. It seems to be a style that works for me . . . most of the time.