Daily Archives: November 10, 2009

A New Beginning for the #1 Son


Something’s different here.

Something changed in our household yesterday. Or, should I say, someone.


#1 could be one of the Men in Black . . . if he wasn't wearing blue, of course.

It’s this guy, my #1 son. #1 prides himself on wearing shorts, sandals, and a short-sleeve t-shirt as often as possible . . . no matter what the weather, no matter what the circumstances. He’s lucky we live in south Texas!


#1 looks rather dashing!

But yesterday was a special day in my older son’s life: He became a working man! He snagged a part-time position as a page at one of our local public libraries. He’ll be pushing a cart and reshelving books about 17 hours a week, after school and Saturdays.

Sidebar: Funny how he’s a “page” at a library! Hope he has the spine for the position!!


#1 takes off to go to work.

I’m sure you’re wondering whose idea it was for #1 to get a job. Let me describe my 17 year old’s world: Leave for school at 6:50 a.m. Return home at 1:45 p.m. (he has last period off). Whip through any remaining homework. Be on the computer for three hours (his maximum as mandated by his Mean Mom). Listen to music on his iPod Touch as he reads or plays video games. Eat dinner. Watch favorite TV shows. Shower. Go to bed at 10 p.m.


This character naps while his older brother is gone . . . while he should be doing his homework!

He doesn’t spend a lot of time outside the box that is our house. If he plays with friends, they usually come over. Right now his world is very small; yet in less than a year, he’ll be venturing off to college in San Antonio where he’ll need to be able to deal with lots of other people. Change usually doesn’t come easily to him.


Whipping off his socks once he's home and comfy again.

So his Mean Yet Wise Mom and Dad decided that #1 needs to open up his circle and mature up a bit before he graduates high school. We gave him three choices: Get more active in school (or should that be just “get active”; he’s never joined a club), do more community service, or get a job. What’s behind door number three? Working at the library!


#1 unwinds by watching "The Big Bang Theory," which we DVRed for him.

I figured that a library job would be a natural for a kid who started reading at age three and has read more books than even I, an avid reader, have in my lifetime. He doesn’t have to make a lot of eye contact since it’s not retail, and it’s a nice, clean environment. Ya love books, ya gotta love the library!


"Thanks a lot, Mom."

And who knows . . . maybe #1 will meet a nice girl to talk to and even date. Hey, a Mean Mom always can dream!