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The sign says it all!

Just think about everything that has happened in the world over the last 90 years. Innovation, wars, women earning the right to vote, and the Black Sox scandal (had to add that last one for the #1 son, who is a fanatical baseball history buff). All the changes in transportation (from too few to too many cars on the road), technology (from computers that filled an entire room to ones you can hold in your hand), phones (from party lines to cellphones), television (from none to too many channels with nothing to watch), cameras (from film to digital), and so much more.


The number of the day

Yes, 90 years is a long time. Even the number “1919” seems old!


The Mister and his Aunt Dorothy

But that doesn’t mean that this beautiful woman seems old. Last Saturday our family traveled a couple hours northeast to Oakhurst, Texas, which is a little town just right of nowhere. Once there we helped celebrate the 90th birthday of the Mister’s Aunt Dorothy, his late father’s younger sister. Her eyesight and hearing are fading, but she’s sharp as can be and seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.


Aunt Daisy and the Mister

Helping her older sister mark the joyous occasion was the Mister’s Aunt Daisy, another beautiful, interesting person.


Carol, Mike, the Mister, and Aunt Daisy surround their beloved Aunt Dorothy. See how well-trained the Mister is? He knows to always look at me when I’m taking photos!

The Mister’s sister Carol and brother Mike and his wife Paula joined in feting the birthday girl.


The sweet version of the young Dorothy

The party was held in a church’s reception hall and featured family, friends, and neighbors. Plus lots of little kids running all over the place squealing.


The #2 son passes time playing with a Nintendo DS.

My two sons were not included with that younger throng. Once they came in, said hi, and grabbed a few snacks, they were content to stay outside away from people who were much too old or much too young.


If there’s a round object around, the boys will be throwing and catching it.

The minute we stopped the car upon arrival in the parking lot, both boys ran to the back of the Honda Pilot to look for a ball or disc to throw. Unbelievably, the only round object to be found contained a rain poncho and had a clip on it (something I had picked up at a Houston Marathon expo). No problem for my sons—they spent at least 10 minutes throwing the poncho holder back and forth. As I’ve blogged before, my #2 son likes having some kind of a ball in his hands as often as possible. Having fun with a poncho holder was a no-brainer for him.


Of course, a certain teenager, who wasn’t all that eager to attend, kept reminding us that we were overstaying our welcome (in his humble opinion).

It’s not every day that someone we know turns 90. But it is common that this character will make sure we know when it’s time to go home!

Happy 90th birthday, Aunt Dorothy! It was fun helping you celebrate.

In Gratitude

Today we give thanks to all the courageous women and men who have served and are serving our country. This includes my late father, father-in-law, and stepdad, as well as my brother-in-law Mike, who was in the Navy during Vietnam. Thank you for protecting our freedom.