Daily Archives: November 19, 2009

Fall Arrives in South Texas—in the Next Community

The view down my street in the front

See all that green? That’s what our neighborhood in the Houston area looks like right now.

Our Bradford pear tree remains green and lush in our backyard.

A check of the backyard? Green as spring. Makes it hard to get into the holiday spirit. I thought the family might have to drive to Lost Maples State Park, which is almost 300 miles west of Houston and known for its leaves changing color, to experience fall.

It's fall nearby!

But, thankfully, all I had to do was run in the community that borders mine. Where I was pleased to discover that fall is a mere half-mile away!

It's beginning to look a lot like fall!

What a difference in the way the trees look! It was great to see the orangey color among the everpresent green.

Fall is reflected in the lake.

Not only do the trees look great, but their reflections in one of the community’s lakes also is fall-like.

Reflecting on fall

So now when I need a reminder of what season we’re in, I just jog over to the next community. Wonder if it’ll snow there, too!