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Movie Review: “New Moon”

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Fair warning: If you’re not a “Twilight” series fan, you probably should move along to your next-favorite blog. The movie I’m about to review, “New Moon,” is best viewed by Twihards.

Sidebar: I fervently wish that I had been the one to coin the name “Twihards.” It’s so punny!

Yes, I count myself among not only the Twihards but also the Twimoms. And I can thank not only my #1 son but also my friends Kathy L. and Paula D. for that. The #1 son started to read the “Twilight” series based on the recommendation of another pal, Katrina, who owns a local bookstore in our small community. I had wanted a book for him that would take the sting out of the impending end of our beloved “Harry Potter” series, and Katrina recommended “Twilight.” She noted that it was really a young adult chick book, but she said that boys loved the vampires. I was sold and bought the paperback.

Really, which one? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

The #1 son enjoyed “Twilight” so much that he asked me to buy “New Moon” for him. Which, of course, I did. Then when the “Twilight” movie was about to come out last year, Kathy and Paula told me I had to read the book. Both of them were Twihard Twimoms; I almost noted a golden topaz gleam to their eyes.

In essence, those two became my book crack dealers. I read “Twilight,” and I was hooked.

Sidebar: And, of course, I mean “book crack” in the nicest way. When I was finishing up “New Moon,” #1 had already read “Eclipse.” I was flying through book two while lying on the couch. As I got to the final page, I said to #1 in an urgent, do-this-or-you’re-grounded tone, “Please get me the ‘Eclipse’ book right now!” I just had to see what happened next!

Gotta love Jacob's abs.

The #1 son and I saw “New Moon” yesterday at the $5 show, of course. It was packed. The short version of the review? Thumbs up! It was much better than the “Twilight” movie. Jacob and his pack turning into werewolves was wonderful computer-generated imagery. They did look a little more cuddly than scary at times, but that works for me, a stuffed animal lover.

Edward's abs "pale" in comparison.

Here’s what I liked about the movie:

Favorite line: Said by Jacob to Bella, who obviously still preferred vampire Edward: “Am I the wrong kind of monster?”

Alice Cullen

Favorite character: Alice Cullen, as played by Ashley Greene. Gotta love a perky, upbeat vampire!

Favorite theme: I like the compare and contrast to “Romeo and Juliet,” which Bella just happens to be studying for senior English. Bella and Edward definitely are star-crossed lovers!

Favorite part of the movie: The ending! No, not because I was glad the flick was over, but because I like how it segues nicely to the third movie.

The Cullen vampire clan and Bella

Here’s what bugged me about the movie:

Soul train of thought: Even though the discussion about whether or not vampires have souls was interesting, they never said that the reason they’re damned is because most of them have murdered humans for their blood. An important point.

Here’s your change: The movie starts out with Bella begging Edward to “change her.” If you haven’t read the books, you probably wouldn’t know that she means to change her to a vampire. That’s not made clear until near the end.

Otherwise, I thought the film did a good job of dealing with all the material in the book. Didn’t Dakota Fanning, who plays the torturing vampire Jane, look innocently evil? The Volturi were especially well-cast. In fact, the entire Italy sequence was well-done.

Edward says goodbye "forever" to Bella.

You’re probably wondering one important question: Whose side am I on—Team Edward or Team Jacob? Having two sons means that I try to never take sides (I usually just send both to their room for a dual timeout). I must say that Taylor Lautner, who plays best friend/werewolf Jacob, does have a set of abs on him. He’s buffer than the thinner Edward whose abs “pale” in comparison.

Here’s a fact that helped me make my final decision . . . for now: Lautner is a mere eight days younger than my #1 son!

Team Jacob all the way for this Twihard Twimom!