Daily Archives: November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks, Part II

Looks like the #1 son is thankful for the Wii!

On this day of giving thanks, this is what I’m especially thankful for:

The Mister is thankful for a sport that he can play with his sons.

• My family. I have three amazing men in my life. The Mister is a great provider and father, usually a terrific role model for our sons (well, except when he forgets that we own a dishwasher and garbage can).

The #2 son seems thankful for our iMac.

Our sons are growing up to be fine young men with interesting personalities and encouraging futures. They’re the light of my life every single day. I can’t imagine not being a mom; it’s the best “job” ever!

Mom and me

• My “original” family. I’m very thankful for my wonderful mom, who turns 80 on Tuesday, and my two older sisters and younger brother. They keep me grounded. I’m especially grateful for some terrific DNA—volunteerism, warmth, and a love of family from my mom; love of photography and my sense of humor from my late father.

• My extended Texas family, which includes my very giving and understanding sister-in-law Carol and brother-in-law Mike and his wife Paula. The Mister has great siblings (Paula is very much a sister to him)!

• My fantastic neighbors and friends, who accept me for the way I am, which is about 15 degrees left of center. Gotta be thankful for that!

• Our wonderful public school teachers who have prepared one son for college and are working on getting the second one ready, too. I’m grateful that these women and men are unselfishly giving of their talent and time for our kids. They’ve been a great influence on my sons’ lives.

• I’m also thankful for mild south Texas winters; Nikon photo equipment; Apple computers, iPods, and iPhones; the internet, which is my favorite addiction; and running, which is merely jogging at my slow pace. And, of course, for all of my readers. I’m so glad you join me on my life’s journey; just wish y’all would comment more so I’d know what’s on your mind!

Hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving that includes counting your blessings!