Daily Archives: November 30, 2009

Here’s Your Sign!

The fateful new gate

I’ve decided that I must have a “kick me” sign on when I fly. From that ridiculous garment bag incident to that long delay leaving Kansas City, I don’t seem to have good karma when it comes to airports these days.

And that sadly continued on Thanksgiving Day. I was flying to Chicago to visit my mother for the long weekend and a celebration of her 80th birthday. I got there in plenty of time and noted that my gate was E15, which, of course, was the furthest gate possible from security. As always! Every time I passed an arrival/departure monitor for Continental, I checked my flight. E15 and on time. Great!

Wish I had seen this sign when I passed it the first time!

I hoofed it all the way to almost as far as you can go and passed a final monitor. Oh, oh . . . now the gate was C44. Which I had already passed! What the heck?

Yes, it was the dreaded gate change back to the C terminal. With sweat dripping off my face, I powerwalked the 10 miles back to C44 and got there with 10 mins to spare before boarding. Whew!

Early on, it wasn't very cloudy.

All too soon, I was on the plane and then on my way to Chicago. Time to relax and take cloud photos. At first, it was crystal clear; not a cloud in sight. But after 20 minutes or so, the puffy stuff started rolling in. And I began clicking away with my Nikon D700 and Nikon 35-70mm lens.

Love the marshmallowy clouds!

If there wasn’t a wing right outside my window, I might think I was in marshmallow land. Or Antarctica, for that matter. It seemed so calm and serene.

Lake Michigan

As we started our final approach, Lake Michigan finally appeared. Almost time to see my mom!

Art hangs from the airport ceiling.

O’Hare had interesting artworks hanging from the ceiling as I walked through the airport.

More hanging ceiling art

Not only could you look up to see art, but . . .

A drawing hangs over a window.

. . . there also were drawings of Chicago landmarks hanging over windows. Very eclectic!

It was a neat sign that I was back at my midwestern home.