Daily Archives: December 2, 2009

Colorful Chicago

No leaves? Then it must be fall in Chicago!

Even though my Thanksgiving weekend trip to Chicago was really to help celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday, I also wanted to be reminded of one thing: What fall really looks like.

Here in south Texas, most of the trees are still green and lush with leaves. We really only have two seasons here: Hot and cold every now and then. I haven’t spent a changing season in Chicago since 1983, so I was anxious to be treated to the beauty of fall turning into winter up north. I knew there would be plenty of bare trees, like the one shown above, but I was hoping that most of them would be showing their colors.

The leaves have turned yellow.

And many of them did! My little brother, the big-shot Chicago lawyer, lives in the city, where my mom and I visited him and his family a couple times. He obliged us with walks around the area both days, and, of course, I was toting my Nikon D700 and Nikon 35-70mm lens.

That's more like it!

I especially like the trees that seem to burst with color. Some of our local south Texas trees have turned dark red, but none can boast of yellow, orange, and red hues like these.

Dark red leaves make their own colorful statement.

Almost everywhere we walked, trees and bushes sported their colors.

A glorious scarlet maple

All of that glowing red almost made me miss Chicago in late fall . . . well, until I remembered how blooming cold it gets as winter arrives!

I definitely was getting an eyeful of color from the foliage until the hour grew late, and darkness started to descend while we were walking in a park. How could the view get any better?

Sunset in Chicago

Of course . . . sunset! I’ve always said that south Texas sunsets are the prettiest in the world.

The sunset continues in the park.

But these? Looks like Chicago has the second prettiest!