Snow Much Fun!

The #2 son is anxious to get started.

The end of Friday’s blog post read that I hoped that it was still snowing by the time my #2 son got home from school at 3 p.m. As you may recall, it had been snowing most of the day, which is fairly unusual in the Houston area. In fact, this was only the third time my sons had seen snow in person.

I heard the school bus at the corner Friday afternoon and watched #2 as he came running up the sidewalk and flying into the house. Throwing his backpack into a corner, he yelled “Hi!” and just about leaped through the house and into the backyard. He couldn’t wait to play in the snow!

#2 flings a snowball at me.

#2 immediately began to gather snow to make a snowman. This was what he had been waiting all day at school to do.

Sidebar: You know snow is a rare event when the high school teachers take the kids out of class early to play in the snow. #2 said that happened in two of his classes, plus the students all went outside at lunch to watch the flakes fly.

The #1 son directs the action as the snow falls.

My #1 son was excited about the snow, because he and my “third son” Chase were filming their version of “A Christmas Carol.” The video would be so much more authentic now!

Chase is the videographer.

#2 and our neighbor Jonathan, who also is a high school freshman, were recruited to be two lads throwing snowballs at each other.

#2 is stylin’ in matching kneesocks as he readies a snowball throw.

That doesn’t take any stretching of the imagination for 14-year-old boys!

#2 and Jonathan probably discussed their Spanish 2 homework between takes.

I was having as much fun taking photos of the boys as they were videoing the scenes. Who doesn’t enjoy being outside with all those fluffy flakes falling?

#2 would rather keep his ears warm than see clearly!

Later on after the videoing was done, #2 set out to build his long-awaited snowman in the backyard. By this time, the snow had stopped, and what was left on the ground was becoming icy. The temperature was about 30 degrees, but that didn’t deter the young snowman maker.

The patriotic Snowbo the Hobo II

As you can see, there’s almost as much grass as snow in the patriotic Snowbo the Hobo II.

He may not be very big, but he provides a wonderful memory for the #2 son. Not that Snowbo lasted for very long, though!

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