A Tragic Chanukah Tale

The island’s laminate was no match for the burning Chanukah candles.

Gather ’round, my readers, and I shall recount a tragic Chanukah tale of many years ago.

It was the eighth night of Chanukah. The boys had lit their menorahs on our kitchen’s island. The #2 son had made a menorah mat in Sunday school, but #1 had not. So his menorah rested on a now much-lamented dish towel. I know, I know . . . what was I thinking? Well, I was hoping that the candles would stay in their holders!

As I was sitting in the family room, #1 walked through the kitchen.

Casually, as if he were just trying to make conversation, #1 said, “The island’s on fire.”

I jumped to my feet and ran into the kitchen. Sure enough, a candle had fallen from his menorah and had set the towel on fire. But not so much that I couldn’t easily put it out.

When I lifted up the towel, I was dismayed to see several holes and burn marks in the laminate. And that’s why there’s usually a bowl on the island covering up the scars!

Foil became our menorah mat of choice.

After that incident, we moved the menorahs into the dining room. And I’ve used aluminum foil to protect the dining room table’s surface from the wax that falls from those “dripless” (liars!) Chanukah candles. Until the other day!

A pristine MenorahMate is ready for action.

I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond scoring the ATM bank that was on #2’s Chanukah list. As I walked to the registers, I saw some Chanukah goods next to that wonderful “50% Off” sign. Hanging off the side of the kiosk were MenorahMates. I had never seen them before! What a great idea!! Reading the product information, I chuckled out loud when I came to this part:

“Chanukah is all about tradition. And if lighting the menorah is the most recognizable tradition of the holiday, then placing aluminum foil under the menorah follows closely behind.” Hey, I resemble that statement!

What’s especially neat about the mats is that they have the candle-lighting blessings written on them. Plus they’re easy to dewax and store for years to come.

The MenorahMate eagerly waits for wax drips.

If only the MenorahMate had been there for us back in the day! Of course, I’ll be pointing at those holes and burn marks when I try to convince the Mister that we need to replace the old kitchen laminate with granite. Then I’ll probably be thankful for them!

4 responses to “A Tragic Chanukah Tale

  1. Susan,
    This was a great story! Thanks for the good chuckle.

  2. Deanna Delapasse

    Reminds me of many years back Justin came and woke me up early on a Sat morning to tell me very matter-of-factly “Mommy, it’s raining INSIDE the house” (a/c leaking through ceiling). I would hope that FIRE would get a little more of a reaction :-).

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