Daily Archives: December 25, 2009

Christmas and Spaghetti

Good will to humankind.

Our Christmas Day tradition is to see a movie. We’ve opted for “Sherlock Holmes” at 9:45 this morning. Hope it’s not too crowded!

When I was growing up, our Christmas Day tradition was to eat spaghetti. Yes, spaghetti (it wasn’t known as “pasta” back in the 1950s and ’60s, at least not in our house).

Why spaghetti? Because my mom insisted that spaghetti was what all the goyim ate on Christmas Day. And my mom did cook up a mean batch of pasghetti, as my dad liked to call it. It wasn’t until years later that I learned that most gentiles actually ate ham or turkey on Christmas Day. At the time it was kind of disillusioning actually.

But now it’s pretty funny when I think back fondly on those days. I miss my father, who has been gone since March of 1991; I miss being with my mom, who is trying to stay warm and safe up in Chicago; and I definitely miss my mom’s delicious pasghetti!

To those of you who celebrate the holiday today, Merry Christmas, y’all! Whether or not you eat spaghetti!