Looking Back at 2009, Part I

The first photo used on my blog—my beloved MacBook.

Tomorrow is my one-year blogiversary! I’ve written 263 posts, Monday through Friday, for an entire year. That’s a lot of words!

In those many posts, I’ve spouted off about a lot of subjects: Photography, especially indoor sports pix and exposure compensation (a personal favorite of mine!); movie and TV reviews; food; clutter; friends; and family . . . especially my sons and spouse. You readers know that I call my sons #1 and #2, mainly because it’s easy, and my husband “the Mister.” In case you’re wondering what their real names are, #1 is Jake, #2 is C.J., and the Mister is Rick.

This blog actually started with a different focus. It was initially called “Get ’er Done,” because I was looking for motivation to declutter my house and life. But by the end of March, I had deep-sixed those get ’er dones and had decided that my blog really was about random snippets (deep and shallow thoughts) and apertures (photography). I officially changed the blog’s name on May 1. Definitely more fitting!

Here’s a quick look back at some of my favorite posts and photos during the first six months of 2009.


This was my first blog post: A Fresh Start.

C.J. shoots a free throw during a middle school basketball game.

My tutorial about indoor sports photography: Waitin’ and Hopin’.


Rare snow on Jake in December of 2008

I wished the #1 son happy 17th birthday: Happiest of Birthdays, #1 Son!

Taking nonflash photos of an Arrow of Light ceremony: Fired Up!


Jake tosses a mini disc at UTSA while his dad looks on.

March was a month of college visits for my #1 son, who is a high school senior. In this post, I wrote about how my sons kept themselves amused while we were at the University of Texas at San Antonio: Staying Amused.

I love bluebonnets, Texas’ state flower!

Bluebonnets took center stage here: Photo Friday Wildflower Style.


I also love azaleas!

Can you tell that I love taking photos of flowers? Photo Friday: Awesome Azaleas!

#2 son to tower: I'm heading for my landing!

I did a photo tutorial on using burst mode. The #2 son was a great model! Photo Friday: Burst Mode


The #2 son has the football in his sights.

Sports photography was on display, complete with an explanation of the word “bokeh”: Flag football Action Photography.

Shadow dancer

I chronicle the highs and lows of  indoor photography at our high school’s annual dance show: A Devil of a Time Shooting Angels.


#2 laughs as big brother feeds him.

The #2 son celebrates his birthday: My Baby Turns 14 Today!

A blackfoot penguin takes a refreshing swim.

We traveled to Pensacola to visit my #1 son’s then-online girlfriend. While there we enjoyed the Gulfarium: Sea Lions and Penguins and Dolphins, Oh My!

My nostalgic look back continues tomorrow!

7 responses to “Looking Back at 2009, Part I

  1. The year has gone by quickly!

    • The year seems to fly by, especially once the kids are in high school! And before we know it, we’ll be going to the marathon expo once again!!

  2. I enjoyed the look-back. So funny that you started with the focus on decluttering. That is exactly the mode I am in (5 moves in 11 years). I spent most of last week cleaning closets, emptying boxes, some of which hadn’t ever been unpacked from moves 2,3,4,5. why is it things get messier while you’re de-cluttering?
    Also loved the story about your baby. I mentioned to my pediatrician that my second son was a much better baby and he said “no, you’re a much better mother”…wonder how much of that is true?? They were sure different as babies.

    • Guess things have to get messy before they can get neat? As for being a better mom with subsequent kids, could be because we’re more relaxed. Or it could be because second-born kids are naturally more relaxed than first-borns.

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  4. I absolutely love your sport shots! They are frozen and perfectly framed. Wonderful!

    • Thanks for your kind comments! I really enjoyed reading your blog . . . even though I barely remember being in my 20s! I especially like how you put a unique spin on your photos. I’m looking forward to seeing how you do with the rest of your weekly photo challenges.

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