Adding a New Blog Wrinkle

The #1 son enjoys his cotton candy at last Sunday's Houston Texans' football game.

I’ve added a new wrinkle to my already rumpled blog: A photo of the day. It seems like a natural for someone who likes to snap, oh, thousands of pictures. It’ll force me to think photographically at least once a day, as well as post every day (although I can’t promise that I won’t be in catch-up mode with posting every weekend; that’s just the way I usually roll).

Sometimes the photo will be from pix that are or will be a blog post, like the one above. Other times the photo will, like the cheese, just stand alone. Hi-ho the derry-o!

You might think that you could access the POTD by clicking on the (what else?) “Photo of the Day” tab below the “Random Snippets & Apertures” blog title. But you’d be sadly mistaken. Instead, go to “More Good Stuff!” on the right side of the page (the widget sidebar). Then click on the month you’d like to see (which, in this case, is only January, for obvious reasons).

Project 365 has been launched!

A minor wrinkle

I also installed a blog calendar to my widget sidebar. It makes it easy to go back and find blog posts from the archives. If you hover your mouse over the date, it even shows the name of the post. So very 2010!!

4 responses to “Adding a New Blog Wrinkle

  1. susan, what a good idea looking forward to all the different pictures that you will be showing on your blog, you are just a genius. Love mom

  2. susan, good idea looking forward to your new

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