Daily Archives: January 13, 2010


My bathroom’s doorknob

They say (and I agree) that drinking and driving don’t mix.

Know what else doesn’t mix? The above doorknob and . . .

My nightly hand cream

. . . hand lotion!

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve put lotion on my hands at night in my bathroom, and then stupidly looked at the closed door a few steps away. Of course, I’ve made valiant efforts to turn the pesky doorknob with those well-lubricated fingers, only to be stymied time and time again. So when that fails, I have to use my shirt or a towel to escape from the bathroom.

Not very elegant! Or intelligent!!

Lately with this being intense dry skin season, I’ve been doing my best to put lotion in one palm only, leaving the other hand free to turn the doorknob. I actually have to remind myself to do that. Otherwise, I fall back into that old, greasy routine that always ends in a rolling of the eyes and the grabbing of my shirt.

Is it old age or is it just me?