Will Photograph for Blog Material

Nicole poses with our high school’s mascot

When friends think you can take decent photos and see that you wield a big camera, they naturally jump to some conclusions. That aren’t necessarily correct.

Mine always think I can take good non-action shots, which means that they ask me to snap family or kid photos. Fortunately, there are far more-talented photographers in our community who do a much-better job with this subject matter, so I usually say sorry, no thanks. I’ll jump at the chance to take sports photos, of course—that’s familiar turf for me.

Erica feels at ease on the top of the truck.

But then my good friend Sherri asked if I would take publicity photos for our high school’s ProGrad effort. She assured me that it just would be a few shots at a local restaurant, Raising Cane’s, that’s helping our fundraising attempts. Not only did this seem quick and easy peasy, but it would be more payback for her son Eric helping the #1 son get an A on his physics project last semester.

Raising Cane’s owners Amy and Cody join Erica and Princess on the truck.

Plus I needed material for today’s blog post! ProGrad is starting to become a great source of photos for me.

The finished photo taken outside

I opted for my Nikon D700 and Nikon 35-70mm lens. First we shot outside (glad the weather cooperated!). Eric drove his BIG Ford F-250 truck onto the sidewalk in front of the door. Then I had to get both the truck and the restaurant’s sign together in the photo. Glad I had the 35mm wide-angle part of  my lens!

Inside Raising Cane’s

Next we went inside the restaurant to shoot in front of a big painted sign on the wall. Naturally, I didn’t have my external flash, because I thought we were only taking photos outside. So I upped the ISO a bit to throw more light from the D700’s built-in flash. The photo looks okay, but it would’ve been better lit with the external flash. I need to learn to always bring it just in case.

Eric and Sherri

All in all, it was a fun photo shoot filled with good-looking seniors. And it was nice to help out a friend.

You may be wondering, where’s our favorite #1 son? He’s a senior at that high school. Why isn’t he pictured?

What Brooke and Eric probably were thinking as I snapped away.

Because, of course, he doesn’t like to smile. See that thought bubble over the heads of Brooke and Eric? #1 would’ve brought that with him to the photo shoot! Better to leave him at home and be content to annoy teenagers who I don’t have to live with.

4 responses to “Will Photograph for Blog Material

  1. Susan, I never noticed any of these photo “issues” until you told me. Not even the “no” Flash thing. You ARE Good and so were the photos!!!!!! Glad to see #1 son at the Pro Grad Student Meeting last night, he is looking so handsome- sorry we didn’t have a way to bribe him into the photo shoot:( Keep Writing, I am enjoy this too much for you to stop now.

  2. susan, great pictures, also your 1/2 marathon for such a worthy cause, good luck on your run. will be thinking of you on Sunday,take care of your leg.Love Mom.

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