Hitting the Bottle

The #2 son gets ready to throw.

It all started so innocently last night. And it ended up being so much fun. Plus it proved yet again that it doesn’t take much to amuse this family.

The Mister can't bear to look.

The Mister, the #2 son, and I were watching “The Rookie” (for the 50th time) on TV (the #1 son, regrettably, was at work). Suddenly, the Mister put the almost-finished Diet Coke bottle he had been drinking on his head. So, of course, #2 picked up a soft ball near by. It was time to play a carnival game!

Sidebar: Concerned wife that I am, I immediately asked the Mister, “Are you sure the cap is on tight?” The cleaning crew had just come, and I didn’t want soda spewed all over the family room. It was.

It’s a miss.

#2 was sure he was going to knock the bottle off his dad’s head every time. However, more often than not, he was off target.

The Mister tries the pillow defense, as the bottle flies off his head. But where’s the ball?

Of course, I picked up my Nikon D700, which already had the Nikon f/1.4 50mm lens on it, to try to capture the action. The ISO was set from 1250-1600, giving me a shutter speed of at least 1/300th of a second. It was quite a challenge to try to have the ball and the bottle in the same frame, let alone the ball actually hitting the bottle.

The ball barely misses hitting the bottle.

Which explains why out of, oh, 100 shots, I ended up keeping maybe 15.

Success for me and the #2 son!

In order to have any chance of capturing both the ball and the bottle in the same photo, you have to start snapping (thank you, burst mode!) as the ball leaves the thrower’s hand. Which you can’t really see, because you’re concentrating on keeping the bottle in focus. When the thrower misses, as #2 did more often than not, you’ve got at least five photos to delete.

#2 does a great job getting the ball and the bottle in the photo.

All three of us took turns tossing the ball at the bottle. I hate to brag (which means I’m going to), but I knocked the plastic off the Mister’s balding head on the first try. And the #2 son actually got a pretty good photo of the ball taking direct aim on the bottle! Proud photographic mom moment!

The Mister scores a bullseye!

We figured that the Mister would be the most accurate of our threesome, because he excels at these kinds of games.

#2 cringes as the ball nears the bottle . . . but doesn't hit it.

Even so, #2 seemed very nervous when the bottle was sitting on his head. As he should’ve been . . . the Mister missed way more times than he hit.

Aha! Finally got the picture I wanted!

We spent about 20 minutes playing knock the bottle off the Mister’s or #2’s head. It was a great stalling tactic by #2, who was putting off doing his World Geography homework, and a wonderful photographic exercise for me. Plus we had a blast!

When our family says we’re hitting the bottle, we mean it literally!

2 responses to “Hitting the Bottle

  1. How many times did #2 want to throw a putter instead?

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