Daily Archives: January 27, 2010

Random Snippets & Random Apertures

The day moon (hope I'm not being too technical!)

Time to empty my brain (not that it’s full of anything important) and ponder a few things. Like the moon during the day. I snapped this photo (Nikon D700 and Nikon 70-200mm lens) while waiting to pick up the #2 son from track practice yesterday. It always seems so odd to see the moon out when it’s sunny. Yet it still makes a compelling photographic subject.

Hurricanes and Himicanes?

The Lady Canes are in the green uniforms.

I wrote about our high school’s basketball teams Monday and Tuesday. Our opponent in both games is known as the Hurricanes (pretty apt given Houston’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico). That appellation is shortened to ’Canes for the boys and Lady ’Canes for the girls. Why the “Lady?” Hurricanes were named after women from 1953 (my birth year, although I’m sure there’s no connection; the Mister might not concur, though) until 1979. And I think the fans are well aware that it’s the girls playing instead of the boys.

I’ve never really understood this need to distinguish between the boys’ and girls’ sports teams when it comes to what they’re called. Back in the day when I was a sportswriter, I refused to refer to a girls’ squad as the “Cougarettes” (how demeaning!) or “Lady Wildcats.” They were as much the Cougars or Wildcats as the boys were.

Our team’s mascot is the bulldog. What woman wants to be referred to as a female dog?!?

Mailbag—A Contradiction in Terms

Hmmmm . . . .

I’ve gotten this offer a few times in the mail, and I always wonder the same thing: How can something be free and pre-paid?

Now that I’ve finally opened the letter, I see that one can win a pre-paid cremation by returning the reply card. But shouldn’t it just be a paid cremation?

Not that I really want to be thinking about that subject now!