Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

Photographing the Other Side of Disc Golf

Jim putts.

I’m the first person to preach that when it comes to photography, faces are the name of the game. Usually, the photo isn’t as interesting if you can’t see who the subject is.


Eric is about to release his drive.

But there I was at Houston’s Ice Bowl (a national disc golf food bank fundraiser) last Saturday taking the same old photos of my #2 son, the Mister, and some of the other players. I’ve snapped lots of disc golf photos since #2 started playing a little over two years ago (click on the disc golf category on the lower right side of this page to see some of them), and after awhile, it does get to be boring.

#2 tees off and watches his disc fly.

But then I challenged myself to literally back off photographically . . . as in concentrating more on backsides (it helps that #2’s is so darned cute!) than faces. And I was pleased with the results from my Nikon D700 and 105mm lens.

Neal putts for birdie.

One obvious benefit of not worrying about faces is that there’s no problem with shadows to contend with. Exposure is so much easier.

#2 tees off again.

Plus I could be further from the players and not annoy them with the loud sound of the Nikon’s shutter. I’m sure they all appreciated that!

The Mister tries to get closer to the basket.

Shooting from behind also makes it easier to get those nice shots of the bokehed (blurred) basket in the background. Seems more artistic.

Kim's disc flies toward the basket.

Love that bokeh!

#2 tries his best to clang the chains.

It was fun to look at the other side of disc golf for a change.

Time for #2 to make a par.

Still, when it comes to taking photos of this particular player, I’m not about to abandon snapping pix of his handsome face!