Basketball Jones, Part III

Anne (wearing white) battles for the loose ball.

As much as I appreciated photographing the fluid moves and accurate shooting of our high school’s girls’ and boys’ varsity basketball teams, sometimes it just seems too easy for the players. They’ve been honing their skills for years outside and inside, and it really shows. Layups and no-look passes are second nature for them, as they swish baskets at one of our school district’s two large arenas.

Brittany jumps high to shoot closer to the basket.

Meanwhile, the varsity wannabes are toiling in our smaller high school gym playing in front of some of their parents and few of their fellow students. Their skills aren’t quite ready for the big time, but they put just as much heart and soul into playing as the varsity. They’re the subvarsity squads.

Des looks to inbound the ball.

I traveled to our high school last week hoping to snap some pix of the girls’ freshmen and junior varsity teams. I know a few of the players, and I was curious to see the level of talent.

Tori needs a teammate.

Unfortunately, our competition didn’t have a freshmen team. Fortunately, though, the two players I wanted to watch were moved up to the jv and got to play. There’s Tori, the daughter of my friend and masseuse Tina (that’s her hand pictured in January 25th’s photo of the day).

Cori passes to an invisible teammate.

And there’s Cori, who wore the flashiest shoes on the court. Both girls were in classes with the #2 son in elementary school; Cori is in his English I class.

Going for the rebound: Errr . . . you’re both on the same team!

What I discovered as I was snapping away with my Nikon D700 and 85mm lens (aka, the low-light champs) is that these subvarsity girls could rock the gym! They were scrappy and played a fast brand of basketball.

Anne is about to lay the ball up for two points.

They showed off great moves to the basket.

Not in OUR house: Liset blocks a shot.

They stayed tough in the paint.

Who’s got it?

And they battled from start to finish. They weren’t about to share the basketball with the other team.

Brittany and Melissa want that basketball!

Nope, not one bit!

4 responses to “Basketball Jones, Part III

  1. Your pictures rock! I know the parents of these kids are enjoying them!


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