Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

Recapping My Second POTD Month

The birthday boy with a present: iTunes cards (February 3 photo)

When I wrote about my first month of posting a photo every day to this blog, I looked forward to February for one reason: It only has 28 days. Which means I would only post 28 photos. A breeze compared to January’s 31, right?

Wrong! I still was playing catch up at the end of the month. But, once again, I didn’t miss a day without snapping at least one photo.

In February, I tried my best to make every photo meaningful, one I would look back on and recall why I took it. Two of those pix were tricky to execute. I wanted to document what I did on those days . . . while something was being done to me at the same time.

Miss Kim concentrates on cutting my hair. (February 23)

Like this photo. I risked Miss Kim cutting my hair crookedly, so I could grab the shot. It will always make me laugh when I look at it! Miss Kim is trying so hard not to crack up!

Tina’s hand looks so much better! (February 26)

And this photo. I wanted to document Tina giving me a massage and how much better her hand looks from the POTD I took of it a month earlier. Tina thought that she should take a pic of how my face looks as she applies pressure to my aching iliotibial band. But I didn’t want to repel folks from looking at my blog!

For the second straight month, I used my Nikon D700 and Nikon 50mm lens for the majority of my photos. Just can’t beat that combination for sharp, bokeh-producing, everyday pix.

But what about my favorite photo of the 28? While I liked them all and all have special meaning to me, my absolute fave pix of the month is (drumroll!):

The #2 son checks Winter Olympic results on my MacBook.

This one of the #2 son taken on February 13 as he and I watched the Winter Olympics together. I love the way his face is illuminated and how he’s concentrating on what he’s doing during a commercial break. And the beanie he’s wearing—indoors—makes me smile!

So now it’s on to March, and once again I’m faced with a 31-day month. This is day two and no surprise—I’m already falling behind on posting!