Random Springy Snippets and Apertures

White blossoms with buds: Photo taken of David on March 9th

Remember this blog post from March 9? In a sidebar, I said that we named our backyard Bradford pear tree “David” and wondered if anyone would know why.

That day on Facebook, my friend Laura, who now lives in California, got it right!

Grant Goodeve as David Bradford

The tree is named after David Bradford, played by über-cute Grant Goodeve, from one of my favorite late-1970s TV shows, “Eight is Enough.” Yes, eight is enough to fill our hearts with love (actually, David was enough)!

How David looks today (March 18)

By the way, David has really filled out in the last week. It’s definitely spring here in the Houston area.

Speaking of Old TV Shows

Merlin Olsen as Jonathan Garvey

I was saddened at the news that Merlin Olsen died a week ago. I used to love watching him play Jonathan Garvey on “Little House on the Prairie” from 1979 to 1982. Some “Little House” fans probably didn’t know he had been a star football player!

On the day Merlin died, I just happened to be watching “Little House” (no eye-rolling, please!), and it just happened to be an episode that he was in. Merlin was a natural actor! RIP, Mr. Olsen.

Sidebar: In Tuesday’s “Lost” episode when the Sideways Sawyer was watching “Little House” on his TV, I couldn’t help but smile. Such a tough guy being a fan of such a tenderhearted show!

Almost Too Good to Be True

Cinnamon Chex cereal

Want to know what’s been in my cereal bowl lately? Cinnamon Chex cereal. Is it good? OMG, it’s the absolute crack of breakfast foods! With a cut-up banana and topped with vanilla soymilk, Cinnamon Chex truly is the food of the gods. Thank you, General Mills!

Yep, I Did It!

Guess who’s getting an iPad on April 3??  I pre-ordered it the day it was available, as did my little brother, the hotshot Chicago lawyer. I opted for the basic 16GB wifi version. We’ll test it out and see if it meets our needs. I’m sure that this first one will go off to college with the #1 son. I’ll be interested to see if I’ll want the 3G version for me the rest of us.

Will I be saying those three little words—I love it!—in a matter of a couple weeks? I’m sure I’ll have a full report the following Monday!

6 responses to “Random Springy Snippets and Apertures

  1. Hi Susan, Could you tell us all about the ipad when you get it, Im really excited for you. Nat

    • Nat, I’ll definitely be writing about the iPad next week! I can’t wait until it’s delivered Saturday; I might sit by the front door all day waiting for UPS!! Are you thinking of getting one? I would think you’d love it for your line of work. Great for showing off designs, web pages, and photos!

  2. Yes, I am such a Mac Head, have everything I can get my hands on, and for proofing jobs, this would be amazing! Ill sit out the front with you!! (in spirit!) Nat

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