Daily Archives: March 19, 2010

Paying Homage to a Local Hero

A makeshift memorial

The war our troops are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq seems so far away . . . until it finally, irrevocably hits home.

Operation Enduring Freedom, the campaign in Afghanistan, claimed one of our small community’s hometown boys last week. Lance Cpl. Garrett Gamble, a proud member of the U.S. Marines, stepped on a land mine on March 11. His life was ended at the too-young age of 20 by some lowlife who planted the device not knowing or caring that a gentle, warm, loving and much-loved soul would take his final breath so far away from his wonderful family.

A community marquee

We didn’t know Garrett or his family personally, but he did graduate from my sons’ high school. He walked the same halls as they do, maybe even thought the same thoughts. He is their brother in spirit, and we weep for his loss. We’re grateful to him for serving our country and defending the right of everyone in the world to be free. Garrett is a hero, and he will be missed.

Long may they wave!

Long may they wave!

Lance Cpl. Gamble will be laid to rest tomorrow. Rest in peace, brave soldier.