Daily Archives: March 29, 2010

No Taste for Alphabet Soup (e.g., the FAFSA)


A confession: One of my main goals this month seems simple enough—fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 31 for my #1 son. The last day in March is the priority deadline for the University of Texas at San Antonio, which he will attend.

Today is Monday, March 29. Have I even started filling out the FAFSA? Yes, I have, but I haven’t gotten very far, because it just seems like it’ll be exhausting to do. And I think I’d rather snap off about 1,000 track and disc golf photos (which is what I did last week and still need to Photoshop) than sit down and fill out the flippin’ form. Especially when I know that #1 won’t qualify for any financial aid.

The Spanish version makes as much sense to me as the English one!

But my friends have said that the FAFSA should be filled out, because sometimes it’s used for merit awards. You never know—maybe #1 will be lucky enough to qualify for some.

So I’m committed to completing the form and filing it before Thursday. Yes, those are heavy sighs that you’re hearing. If anyone has any advice for me, let ’em fly in the comments. All are appreciated.

Okay, I’ve got the form up on my iMac. Cover me . . . I’m going in!