Blurry Bluebonnets

Is this an abstract painting or a photograph?

If you look at yesterday’s photo of the day, you’ll notice something unusual: It’s kind of blurry.

I’m a big fan of sharp, crisp photos (well, except for that lovely bokeh blurring of backgrounds). Want someone to think you’re a good photographer? Don’t ever show them your blurry pictures!

More blurry bluebonnets

So why am I showcasing these unsharp photos? First, I didn’t take them . . . my #2 son did with my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 point and shoot camera (did I just throw him under the bus?!?). And, second, they’re helping me explain about yesterday’s photo of the day.

I love bluebonnets, as I explained here and here. They’re Texas’ state flower and a wonderful harbinger of spring. We don’t have many of them in our little town; however, there’s always a patch of them on the side of a very busy road nearby.

I was determined to take photos of these gorgeous purple-blue flowers last weekend. So I drove to a small street behind where they were blooming and parked. Before I could grab my Nikon SLR and get out of the car, though, I saw two unleashed dogs start to run towards me. Frustrated, I drove away.

Yesterday I had my Olympus with me when I picked #2 up after high school track practice, knowing we’d drive by the bluebonnets. He rolled (does anyone actually “roll” windows up or down anymore?) down the window and was ready with the point and shoot as I got to the bluebonnet spot. It wasn’t at the stoplight, but there weren’t any cars behind me, so I stopped and told him to snap away.

Even more blurry bluebonnets

Guess I should’ve told him to keep his hands steady!

Fortunately, bluebonnet season is just starting. Here’s hoping I’m able to get sharp photos where it’s obvious what kind of flower they are!

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