Daily Archives: April 1, 2010

Photo of the Day Quandary

The March 26th photo of the day

Whew! I’ve completed my third month of taking and posting a photo of the day on my blog. I’d like to say it’s gotten to be an easy-peasy process, but you wouldn’t want me to lie, would you?

Usually it’s been fairly easy to select one photo among those I’ve taken that day. However, on March 26, I fell into a photo quandary—I had four pics I loved, but I could only choose one. I finally picked the one above of the Mister, because I love how he’s smiling. These were the other candidates for that POTD:

Extreme nose close-up!

Loved this extreme close-up of Shiner’s nose! That’s what happens when you forget to close down your aperture and instead keep it at f/2.8, blurring faces (I was using my Nikon 105mm lens).

Got to hand it to Tristin Lee!

Shiner’s “sibling,” Tristin Lee, has discovered her hand! I like how the focus is on her fist, with that sweet bokeh baby blur. And, of course, Tristin Lee is such a cutie!

Connor appreciates Grace’s attention.

After I took the first three photos at Tom Bass Park, I came home and sat out with my pals Grace and T-bird. It was too beautiful an evening to stay inside. As we were yakking, our neighbors Patti and David came by with their three pups. I snapped a photo (with my Nikon D300 and Nikon 17-55mm lens, by the way) of Grace with young Connor. I love the look on Connor’s face . . . he almost seems to be talking to Grace!

After giving it a lot of thought (where “a lot” = a minute), the Mister’s photo won out. He’s family, after all, and I don’t want him to be forgotten in the cornucopia of pix of our sons.

It’s nice to have a good selection of photos to choose from, though. Hope I have a few more POTD quandaries in April!