Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

This Is What I’ll Miss

The #1 son videos Cody and Chase.

I really don’t like to think about the upcoming school year. You know, the one where my #1 son won’t be living at home anymore and will be starting his college journey. Ignorance, after all, is bliss.

What could #1 be thinking about? How he rarely wears hats?

There’s so much I’ll miss when he’s at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His serious face featuring his stunningly beautiful blue eyes.

Is #1 happy he’s wearing a cap?

His wonderful smile and sense of humor.

Chase laughs.

And I’m going to miss Chase, my “third son,” too, when he’s at Rice University. He and #1 will be apart for the first time since kindergarten. Our dining room won’t be the same without him working on iMovie or GarageBand on the boys’ iMac.

Chase is about to catch a disc.

I’ll especially miss grabbing my Nikon and strolling down the block to take photos of #1 and Chase as they film their videos, as I did here the other day. They seem to have so much fun when it takes them 50 or so takes to get their lines right. I think they enjoy their bloopers as much as saying their lines correctly!

The #2 son seems ready to catch the disc (not that he does!).

If my #2 son is involved in the videoing, it’s a sure bet that he’ll have a disc or two ready to throw.

Chase throws the disc back to his little "brother."

It helps keep the mood light and lively . . . especially when #2 throws the disc at the actors during filming! That’s when he gets yelled at. He must cherish those moments, since he gets in trouble with his brothers so often!

Yes, there aren’t too many days left for me to enjoy documenting the carefree banter amid the somewhat serious nature of #1 and Chase as they video. Soon all I’ll have are the photos and their videos. And I know I’ll probably cry looking at them while my two young men are off at college.

Know what?

#2 smiles as he prepares to toss an acorn at his brothers.

The #2 son probably will miss his brothers as much as I will!